The Pillars of Shu rite

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A ritual I wrote During an Invocation of Thoth, raises energy and banishies

This thing can do two things, Act as an Energy booster and Banish anything hostile.

Step One: The opening

Facing East state aloud

"Rise of the Eye of truth, and the feather of Justice"

Draw the Eye of Horus or Udjat

Make a stabbing gesture into the center of the eye

"Fall of the rebel serpent and his confederates"

Imagine a beam of light shining from the eye over your heart and a scarab forming in the middle of it.

"The light of Ra shines upon me, it is a cleansing light"

(If performed at night, replace Ra with Thoth)

Visualise a white light shining down from the heavens and that your feet are standing on the world.

The White light descends, forming four great pillar around you from above and purifying you with cleansing light. Keep these four pillars here throughout the ritual

"The four Pillars of Shu riseth, The pillars of Shu Cometh, The pillars of Shu standeth"

Step Two: The Main rite

With each of these, imagine the elemental power of the direction blowing over you and removing evil.

"Duamtef stands guard to the East, Evil is cast aside by the winds

See a Jackal atop a pillar

Turn South

"Im -Seti stands sentinel to the south, Chaos is purged by flame"

See a bearded man sat atop a pillar

Turn West

"Quebsnoof stands overseeing to the west, Darkness is washed away by water"

See a falcon atop a pillar

Turn North

"Hapi stands protecting the north, Enemies are brought ruination by earth"

See a Baboon sat atop a pillar

Return facing east, still seeing the four pillars

"The holy eye comes to me, The holy eye comes to me"

Visualize a white beam moving around you rapidly, From head to Toe, Behind you to the back of your head and repeat and another beaming around your waist or solar plexus in a horizontal fashion



And when you feel the energy is enough, Take a deep breath and let the energy stop

Step Three: The Closing

Facing East state aloud

"Rise of the Eye of truth, and the feather of Justice"

Draw the Eye of Horus or Udjat

Make a stabbing gesture into the center of the eye

"Fall of the devouring serpent and all who stand with him"

Imagine a great light coming from within the eye and resting over your heart with a scarab in the middle

"Ra's light shines upon me, for I am pure, I am pure"

A great light fills you and the room completely

Thank the powers that have gifted you

This article was contributed by Black Cross.
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