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Brief Summary on Color Magick

Many people use colors in magickal practices. We see it all the time. For instance, there are 7 basic colors in the "solar spectrum" or color wheel, Red, Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Indigo, and Violet. In everyday life, we see these colors often, but many of us see hues, or shades of that particular color. Such as lime green is a hue of Green.Color magick can be used through sympathetic, elemental,planetary, and chromotherapy magick.

The Zodiac signs matched with colors are:

  • Aries:Red
  • Taurus:Green
  • Gemini:Orange
  • Cancer:light blue/silver
  • Leo: yellow/gold
  • Virgo: blue-grey/ brown
  • Libra: blue/pink
  • Scorpio: dark red
  • Sagittarius:Indigo
  • Capricorn: black
  • Aquarius: violet
  • Pisces: aqua blue

Many practitioners make sachets a certain color, or dressa certain color, calling on a planetary spirit, to bless the item.

To invoke the planetary spirits, you must use the colors associated with the planet. Here is a list:

  • Sun: yellow/gold
  • Moon: silver/violet
  • Mars: red
  • Venus: green
  • Mercury:orange]
  • Jupiter: indigo
  • Saturn: black
  • Neptune: aqua blue
  • Uranus: violet
  • Pluto: dark red


Healing through colors is called chromotherapy.
Below are the colors and the illnesses or pains they are said to cure.

Used as a dynamic and stimulating color. For blood related diseases, like anemia or heart problems.Problems with liver and blood circulation, and to give strength to the weak.

Used to heal respiratory diseases like bronchitis or asthma.Also used to combat depression.I use this for calming nerves as well.

Used as a sedative and stomach, and digestive problems.It eases fear, but strengthens the mind.

Most common color in chromotherapy. Used for Chronic headaches, heart problems, ulcers, and cancer. It sometimes helps strengthens the immune system.

Used for Inflammations of the skin, wounds, or burns. Great for muscle or arthritis pains, or so I've heard.

Used for eye problems, poor vision, and hearing loss. Helps control emotional problems, and fears.

Used for mental stability, calming your nerves, and creating balance. I heard somewhere, it helps for hair loss. Most people use it for gaining psychic powers, like telepathy, intuition, empathy, and clairvoyance.I use it for insomnia, and dreams.



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