Rose Cross Ritual

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This is a protective sphere and aids in astral invisibility.

This ritual requires a lit stick of incense.

Step 1

Begin at the southeast corner of your ritual area and face the corner. With the incense, draw a cross, and then a circle, not quite big enough to surround the cross. The circle represents the rose. As you make the circle, vibrate YEH-HAH-SHU-AH. Stab the circle with the incense on the last syllable and feel the rose being energized.

Step 2

Draw a line from the center of that rose cross to the southwest corner. Repeat drawing the cross and rose, again vibrating YEH-HAH-SHU-AH.

Step 3

Draw a line from the center of that rose cross to the northwest corner. Repeat drawing the cross and the rose, and once again vibrate YEH-HAH-SHU-AH.

Step 4

Do the same again, this time moving to the northeast corner.

Step 5

Move back to the southeast to complete the circle, but this time do not vibrate the word or redraw the cross.

Step 6

Turn around to face the opposite corner, the northwest. Use the incense to draw a line from the rose cross at the southeast corner, above your head to the spot midway between the SE and NW corners. Draw the cross and rose and vibrate the word. Then draw from the NW corner, down to the midway point on the ground. Draw the cross and rose and vibrate the word. Complete the journey back to the SE corner. Now you have made a vertical circle between the SE and NW corners.

Step 7

Move clockwise to the SW corner. Repeat Step 6, moving this time between SW and NE. As you pause in each direction, do not redraw the cross and rose, but point to where you drew them before, and vibrate the name. Complete the circuit at the SW corner again.

Step 8

Move clockwise around the corners, from SW to NW, to NE, to SE, drawing a line around the room, and at each corner point to the spot where you drew the rose cross, as if stabbing the center of the rose again, and again vibrate the name.

Step 9

When you get back to the SE, rest the point of the incense briefly at the center of the cross. Then do another cross and rose, only this time do them as big as you can. As you draw the bottom half of the circle, vibrate YEH-HAH-SHU-AH. As you form the top half of the circle vibrate YEH-HOH-VAH-SHAH.

Step 10

Now return to the center of your ritual area and face east. See and feel the Rosey Crosses which surround you. This is a protective sphere and aids in astral invisibility.

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