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Medical/ Healing Videos

Magic VideoTitle:Choose Your Healing Path
Author: Yet Li
Desc: Leave me a comment if you have any questions on healing Thank Y...
Magic VideoTitle:How to Make Herbal Tinctur
Author: Mountain Rose He
Desc: http://www.moun Learn more with our Guide to Making Tinctures: htt...
Magic VideoTitle:75-New Years Wish Spell
Author: Akasha Wolf
Desc: Here is a simple wish spell. Know that you do not have to do ...
Magic VideoTitle:Rosehip tea
Author: lisathepagan
Desc: Sorry at end I say hibiscus by mistake my bad lol ...
Magic VideoTitle:74-GemStone Elixir
Author: Akasha Wolf
Desc: In this video you will learn how to make a Gemstone Elixir. How...
Magic VideoTitle:73-Ouija Board random Info
Author: Akasha Wolf
Desc: In this Ouija board video I will be sharing random info about t...
Magic VideoTitle:72-Ways to Open the Sacral
Author: Akasha Wolf
Desc: In this video I will explain different ways to open your Sacral ...
Magic VideoTitle:Herbal Knowledge: Peppermi
Author: TheWitchyDude
Desc: Hope you enjoyed :) ...
Magic VideoTitle:71-Sacral Chakra:Blockages
Author: Akasha Wolf
Desc: In this video I will talk about and go over the different probl...
Magic VideoTitle:Healing with your Energy
Author: Kosuke13x
Desc: This is a description and explanatory video of how to work a li...
Magic VideoTitle:66-Root Chakra:Blockages,
Author: akasha0wolf
Desc: This video has all the blockages Physical problems cords and leak...
Magic VideoTitle:65-Root Chakra
Author: akasha0wolf
Desc: This is all basic info on the Root Chakra. ...
Magic VideoTitle:Crystal Healing Grid
Author: ArtemisiaWormwoo
Desc: This video is dedicated to my friend Isa and i am showing you ...
Magic VideoTitle:FREE Shamballa Reiki Heali
Author: AngelicDiamond2
Desc: This is a FREE Shamballa Reiki healing treatment. Shamballa is Re...
Magic VideoTitle:a guided healing ritual us
Author: Crystal Pelayo
Desc: a pretty easy step by step instruction on how to do this healin...
Magic VideoTitle:Smoke bush
Author: ArtemisiaWormwoo
Desc: Leaves of smoketree or Smoke bush are used as a remedy and in ...
Magic VideoTitle:56-Herbs
Author: akasha0wolf
Desc: This is an intro video on herbs also how to use herbs and what...
Magic VideoTitle:parsley extract
Author: wytchykara
Desc: do it yourselfs (alchohal*) *it misspronounces this word ...
Magic VideoTitle:314 - Light Bathing
Author: CharmingPixieFlo
Desc: This is short video briefly explaining light bathing and why to ...
Magic VideoTitle:Angel`s Alter II
Author: ArtemisiaWormood
Desc: Glad to present you the second part of my altar video ...
Magic VideoTitle:Angel`s Altar part I
Author: ArtemisiaWormood
Desc: My angel altar and more ... ...
Magic VideoTitle:How to make a healing and
Author: Krazyboytx
Desc: This is a video request of how to make a healing and fairy con...
Magic VideoTitle:Herbs- Patchouli
Author: thedarkmoonmidni
Desc: patchouli - I detest this herb but for those of you who enjoy ...
Magic VideoTitle:Herbs- Uvi Ursi
Author: thedarkmoonmidni
Desc: uvi ursi ...
Magic VideoTitle:Herbs- SweetGrass
Author: thedarkmoonmidni
Desc: sweetgrass basics ...
Magic VideoTitle:Herbs- Catnip
Author: thedarkmoonmidni
Desc: Some basic info on Catnip ...
Magic VideoTitle:Healing with Crystals and
Author: starseedlightwor
Desc: Healing with Chystals and Stones ...
Magic VideoTitle:herbalism- Horehound
Author: thedarkmoonmidni
Desc: Horehound. I haven't made an herbalism vid in a while so here y...
Magic VideoTitle:Herbalism - Eyebright
Author: thedarkmoonmidni
Desc: A Little on eyebright ...
Magic VideoTitle:Witchcraft for Beginners :
Author: expertvillage
Desc: Learn how to heal people through magic in this free witchcraft f...
Magic VideoTitle:Wiccan Names vs Herbal nam
Author: thedarkmoonmidni
Desc: This is a video about herbs. The wiccan names of herbs and the ...
Magic VideoTitle:White Willow Bark aka The
Author: thedarkmoonmidni
Desc: just a brief bit on white willow bark and a few of it's purpos...
Magic VideoTitle:Sage and the magical Rat C
Author: thedarkmoonmidni
Desc: My rat Carnage's first appearance on youtube and a few interestin...
Magic VideoTitle:Cloves
Author: thedarkmoonmidni
Desc: Cloves a few uses and a few magical properties ...
Magic VideoTitle:Lavender
Author: thedarkmoonmidni
Desc: 1st youtube vid ever and boy do I say UM A LOT at least 15 t...
Magic VideoTitle:Wiccan Lullaby-Wicca altat
Author: Vicktoria22
Desc: To my sweet daughters: Anikó+Dorina ...
Magic VideoTitle:We all come from the Godde
Author: Vicktoria22
Desc: Goddess chant ...
Magic VideoTitle:Goddess Protection Chant
Author: justbernard
Desc: http://gicope.n The arms of the Great Mother are always surroundin...

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