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Love Spell Videos

Magic Video Vodou Priestess by Where's Andrew?

Sallie Ann Glassman Vodou priestess and owner of the Island of Salvation Botanica at the New Orleans Healing Center on St. Claude Street New Orleans Louisiana. Sallie was delightful to talk to and is passionate about all the good that ...
Magic Video New Years Wish Spell by Akasha Wolf

Video 75 Here is a simple wish spell. Know that you do not have to do this on New Years you can do this any day. You can use this to receive or send away. Contact Me@: Facebook: http://www.fac Website: http:/ ...
Magic Video Simple Love spell by Autumn Moon

This is a simple love spell. Not to make someone fall in love with you but to see if they love you. ...
Magic Video Love Spell & Love Powder Part 2 by Akasha Wolf

Video 11 This is part two at the end see what you can do with this love powder. This spell has also been posted by me on spellsofmagic.c http://www.spel ...
Magic Video Love Spell & Love Powder Part 1 by Akasha Wolf

Video 11 This video will give a love spell and Love powder. At the end of part 2 you will see what to do with the powder. ...
Magic Video How to dress a love candle by Krazyboytx

This is a video request on how to dress a love candle. The dove's blood ink is not real dove's blood if you would like to know how to make it message me. The music from the back ground is from ┬ęCompass Productions ...
Magic Video candle love spell!!! by Blue Gal

Blue Gal casts a spell to bring a new lover into her life. Huh? She just wants hawt ab photos ...
Magic Video Full moon love spell by thedarkmoonmidnight

I got tired of people harassing me for love spells well here ya go now stop asking for love spells from me. This is ALL you get. This came from some card in the mail. ...

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