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Video: Lavender


Author: thedarkmoonmidnight

1st youtube vid ever, and boy do I say UM A LOT, at least 15 times, the point of this video though is to just give a brief description of Lavender.....I was nervous so don't be too judgemental please....the vids will get better, lol


Medical/ Healing Videos

Magic Video Crystals – Crystals and Gemstones for Healin by jbittersweet

Crystals and gemstones have been used for meditation healing and spiritual awakening for centuries as crystals have a unique molecular structure and high vibrational frequency that can induce healing both healing of the body and healing of...
Magic Video Reincarnation and Past Life Regression by Akasha Wolf

Video 96 I will discuss what reincarnation means to me. You will hear my life regression story and how to can do it at home yourself. Please leave your regression stories below along with any questions you may have on reincarnation so ...
Magic Video Vodou Priestess by Where's Andrew?

Sallie Ann Glassman Vodou priestess and owner of the Island of Salvation Botanica at the New Orleans Healing Center on St. Claude Street New Orleans Louisiana. Sallie was delightful to talk to and is passionate about all the good that ...
Magic Video Introduction to Herbs by TipToeChick

In this video I go over a bit of information for those who are interested in incorporating herbs into their daily lives including sharing a few books that I highly recommend whether for medicinal or magical uses. Be sure to c...
Magic Video Third Eye: Inbalances, Blocks, Energy Leaks, a by Akasha Wolf

Video 93 If you are wondering if your chakra needs work this video will help you figure that out. Contact Me@: Facebook: http://www.fac Website: http:/ ...
Magic Video Throat Chakra: Ways to Open by Akasha Wolf

Video 89 In this video we discuss different ways for you to open your throat chakra. You also get updated contact information and info on my tarot lessons. Contact Me@: Facebook: http://www.fac Website: http:/ ...
Magic Video Throat Chakra: Cords,Cracks, Unbalanced by Akasha Wolf

Video 88 In this throat chakra video we discuss things that may happen when your throat chakra is unbalanced. We will also discuss cracks and extreme damage of this chakra. Contact Me@: Facebook: http://www.fac Website: http:/ ...
Magic Video Throat Chakra by Akasha Wolf

Video 87 In this video I will give you basic details on the throat chakra. I also fill you in on the Tarot Lessons I'm having on my Facebook page. Contact Me@: Facebook: http://www.fac Website: http:/ ...
Magic Video Making an Herbal Tincture by Alethea Rayne

This video does give you a tutorial on how to make a tincture/incens to attract love towards you. I hope you will enjoy! Comments and questions are available! ...
Magic Video Heart Chakra by Akasha Wolf

Video 83 In this video you will get all the basics about the Heart Chakra. This is a very important chakra. It has ties to your love life faith soul and roads to opportunity. Don't forget to post your questions for my friends in th...
Magic Video None by unknown

None ...
Magic Video Solar Plexus by Akasha Wolf

Video 77 This video is about the Solar Plexus Chakra! What is it? How to open it? How does it help? Are you over using or lacking? Contact Me@: Facebook: Of Magic: http://w ...
Magic Video What is Crystal Healing? Intro by TheEyesofZeus

This video has skimmed the surface of what crystal healing is and how it is preformed and also some information on stones and the properties of them. I will be making more so stay tuned if your interested! ...
Magic Video How to make a Crystal Healing Grid by TheEyesofZeus

The title says it all! ...
Magic Video Choose Your Healing Path by Yet Li

Leave me a comment if you have any questions on healing Thank You! ...
Magic Video New Years Wish Spell by Akasha Wolf

Video 75 Here is a simple wish spell. Know that you do not have to do this on New Years you can do this any day. You can use this to receive or send away. Contact Me@: Facebook: http://www.fac Website: http:/ ...
Magic Video Rosehip tea by HOODOO_MAMA

Sorry at end I say hibiscus by mistake my bad lol ...
Magic Video GemStone Elixir by Akasha Wolf

Video 74 In this video you will learn how to make a Gemstone Elixir. How they are made what they do. What they do. Todays Elixir is Blue Calcite. Blue Calcite helps; Psychic Abilities Astral Projection Stability Calming Trust in Self E...
Magic Video Ouija Board random Info by Akasha Wolf

Video 73 In this Ouija board video I will be sharing random info about the board. Getting at the basic question is it evil? In this video I introduce my Siberian Husky Zeus and my Website. Plus SoM videos and projects to look forward...
Magic Video Ways to Open the Sacral Chakra by Akasha Wolf

Video 72 In this video I will explain different ways to open your Sacral Chakra. You can do this with foods scents gem stones etc. Contact Me@: Facebook: Of Magic: http://w ...
Magic Video Sacral Chakra:Blockages, Physical Problems,Cor by Akasha Wolf

Video 71 In this video I will talk about and go over the different problems or symptoms you may have from having an unbalanced chakra. Facebook: htt Of Magic: http://w ...
Magic Video Healing with your Energy by Kosuke13x

This is a description and explanatory video of how to work a little bit more with your energy and to heal another with your own energy. Leave a comment at the beep...beep! ;) ~KitsuneEiai ...
Magic Video Root Chakra by Akasha Wolf

Video 65 This is all basic info on the Root Chakra. ...
Magic Video Crystal Healing Grid by ArtemisiaWormwood

This video is dedicated to my friend Isa and i am showing you guys the healing grid that i have created for her .I am using various crystals and Fibonacci spiral (golden ratio) from Sacred Geometry combined together to bring forth cer...
Magic Video FREE Shamballa Reiki Healing by Alaaniel

This is a FREE Shamballa Reiki healing treatment. Shamballa is Reiki Divine White Light and the collective energies of the Ascended Masters combined in an a gently intense divine healing experience. This energy will reach anyone who is w...
Magic Video guided healing ritual by Crystal Pelayo

a pretty easy step by step instruction on how to do this effective healing ritual.. please let me know if you have any questions.. blessed be. x ...
Magic Video Smoke bush by ArtemisiaWormwood

Leaves of smoketree or Smoke bush are used as a remedy and in this video I am decribing in detail how to benefit from it. ...
Magic Video Herbs by Akasha Wolf

Video 56 This is an intro video on herbs also how to use herbs and what to use them for. This video also includes two books that alot of information on herbs and there properties. Close up of books at the end of video. Contact Me...
Magic Video parsley extract by wytchykara

do it yourselfs (alchohal*) * misspronounces this word ...
Magic Video Angel`s Altar II by ArtemisiaWormood

Glad to present you the second part of my altar video ...
Magic Video Angel`s Altar part I by ArtemisiaWormood

My angel altar and more ... ...
Magic Video How to make a healing and fairy conjure ball by Krazyboytx

This is a video request of how to make a healing and fairy conjure ball. The music from the back ground is from http://www.life ©Compass Productions 2010 ...
Magic Video Herbs- Patchouli by thedarkmoonmidnight

Music: Air Moves Us - not sure who sings it you can find it on keepmusicpagan - I detest this herb but for those of you who enjoy it please feel free to continue. http ...
Magic Video Herbs- Uvi Ursi by thedarkmoonmidnight

Music: Inkubus Sukkubus: Pagan Born uvi ursi Some links for reference: http://www.wil ...
Magic Video Herbs- SweetGrass by thedarkmoonmidnight

Music: S.J Tucker - storm sweetgra basics Links for further reading: http:/ ...
Magic Video herbalism- Horehound by thedarkmoonmidnight

Horehound. I haven't made an herbalism vid in a while so here ya go to all those people who have been waiting anxiously for the next one. Further Reading: http:/ ...
Magic Video Herbalism - Eyebright by thedarkmoonmidnight

A Little on eyebright Some further reading: http:/ ...
Magic Video White Willow Bark aka The Tree Of Enchantment by thedarkmoonmidnight

just a brief bit on white willow bark and a few of it's purposes. some information came from http://www.joel info: http://w ...
Magic Video Sage and the magical Rat Carnage by thedarkmoonmidnight

My rat Carnage's first appearance on youtube and a few interesting things on Sage http://hub ...
Magic Video Cloves by thedarkmoonmidnight

Cloves a few uses and a few magical properties htt ...
Magic Video Lavender by thedarkmoonmidnight

1st youtube vid ever and boy do I say UM A LOT at least 15 times the point of this video though is to just give a brief description of Lavender.....I was nervous so don't be too judgemental please....the vids will get better lol Li...
Magic Video Wiccan Lullaby-Wicca altató+Lyrics by Vicktoria22

To my sweet daughters: Anikó+Dorina gift to me just the way you are A new aged child from a distant star. It feels so good just to be So close to your love. You are heaven's gift to me. You are so sweet and pure just the ...
Magic Video We all come from the Goddess by Vicktoria22

Goddess chant ...



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