Travel To A Different Universe

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a pentagram
  • enough blood to draw a large sigil(looks kind of like this (C).')
  • Some kind of sacrifice
  • heart of a lamb
  • tail of any kind of lizard
  • wing bones of a bird
  • annointing oil(also called holy oil)
  • rats tail

Not Tested Yet
pretty self explanatory
i found this in an old spellbook and i am still getting the ingredients together so this is not tested yet

Casting Instructions for 'Travel To A Different Universe'

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draw the blood sigil large enough to be stood in
draw 4 pentagrams around the sigil
get a bowl
kill the sacrifice drain its blood into a seperate bowl then place the drained corpse in the first bowl
dip the wingbones into the sacrifice blood and then place them with the corpse
do the same with the tail
sprinkle annointing oil for protection during your travel between the universes
pour the rest of the sacrifice blood over the other ingredients
pour annointing oil in the shape of any angels sigil that you wish and light it on fire while saying et vocabunt te apon angelus Domini in via usque ad hunc benedicam tibi et dimittam te hanc flammam.
next pour about a cup of more holy oil into the bowl and light it
the final step is to say et aperuerit ostium inter mundi huius mundi ut nova experiance.

Let Me Know If This Works For You. if it doesnt let me know and tell me exactly what you did so i can figure out what went wrong

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