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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Something to symbolize your digimon.
  • Example- a drawing or plush toy.
  • (Can not be a photo off the internet, you have to draw the digimon you want to show you care.)
  • Remember, your digimon won't digivolve until you truly care about it.

I'm not sure if this works so please message me if it does. And if I doesn't I'll keep trying. This is my first spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Digimon Portal'

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   =>Digimon Portal
Put the picture or plush toy in the place you want the portal to be. (You can't use a digivice toy, it has to be a picture or plush digimon)
If you want to put the portal in/on a wall you need to put the pic/plush there.
Now imagine where in the digiworld you want the portal to open to,
including the time (meaning the season of digimon, 1-3 but NOT the newer digimon fusion stuff) and while imagining say through this portal I will enter the digiworld, and I will meet my digimon partner. Throught the digiworld I will go farther still, with the help of my digivice. I will go far. But when the time comes and i am ready to leave the digiworld my digimon will come with me. Never again will I be lonely with my (insert digimon) here with me. The portal will remain until I use my digivice to close it.

Ok that's all u need to say. I think it should come work instantly or really fast. Any questions? Message me.

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