Visualization Meditation

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your mind
  • A quiet, dark place where you won't be disturbed

My own take on Noralidy_304's article (which is here == ual=2276&coven=6)You can use it to ''teleport'' to another world in a movie, show, etc.

Casting Instructions for 'Visualization Meditation'

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Alright, I dont want to put this in articles, because I dont feel like it. Deal with it. *ahem* Anyway...This isnt an actual teleportation spell, even though the feelings can sometimes feel very real. Its just a meditation technique. Heres how ya do it:

1. Get in a comfortable position (You land in the world the same position that you start meditating in. Keep this in mind.)

2. Relax and clear your mind. (Think about your entire body sinking into cement or quicksand. It works for me...)

3. Take deep breaths and wait until youre in a dreamlike state (Not exactly asleep, but up to the point where reality becomes fuzzy and noises begin to fade.)

4. Think hard about the world that you want to go to (I like to got to the Hetalia universe...Its fun ^.^)

5. If you dont feel your physical eyes, then youre ready for this step. (If you do, then repeat steps 2-3) Imagine some white stairs, or a slide, or a portal even. Walk down them. Keep willing yourself to go to your chosen world. Go towards the light at the end/bottom of whatever youre walking on/sliding down. (Be careful! Ive accidentally landed on characters before!

6. Have some fun!

What I can do in the worlds Ive been to:

-Shapeshift into my demon form

-Teleport to different places

-Understand animals (in demon form)

If it doesnt work (or you do something that you regret) PM me and Ill try to help~!


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