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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You required- Belief Patience Practice Focus

It is a simple techniqe to learn telekinesis for those who interested in that topic.

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First of all you have to know that what is telekinesis. It is a part of Pshycokinesis. Every object or body have its own energy. Using only those energy and some intension we can move object. But before applying my techniqe you have to become expert in meditation. So here we go... Excercise- This would increase your object understanding. Take any object like spoon, pen ,etc. Place in front of you. Try to feel its energy. Repeat this to every object. Method- Meditate and sit in relaxed position. Put any object in front of you ( small object ). Suppose a pen. Then try to feel its energy. How it is? Then try to blend your energy and objects energy , become one with it , feel its shape , molecule. Then try to move it forward. Focus on task. Don't harash your brain. Only think of it. If it doesn't happen at first time then try , try and try. Don't give up. You must have to belief in yourself. Remember- Telekinesis only achieved by daily practice. Daily meditate. Once you become master in telekinesis then you can proceed to next step like pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis,etc. Then you can use spells to improve telekinesis. But BELIVE IN YOURSELF.


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