Mind reading with crystals/gemstones

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • At least one gemstone or crystal (it doesn't matter what it is)
  • A willing volunteer

An exercise to practice mind reading with a willing volunteer. You use crystals or gemstones.

Casting Instructions for 'Mind reading with crystals/gemstones'

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Sit in front of your volunteer, and hold a crystal with them. You can use just one, or two. You can also have a formation/shape of crystals underneath or in between your hands (depending on how many crystals your using.) Use what ever crystals/gemstones feel right for you.

Ask them to choose a number between 1-10. Make them repeat the number over and over in their head. Visualise what they are thinking in their head turning into energy and flowing into your body. Go through the numbers in your head until you reach the one that really shouts out at you. Ask them if that was their number, If they say yes, congratulations! If not, keep practicing. If you don't trust them, make them write it down and hide it before you start.

Once you're going really well, exapand the amount of numbers you use then turn it into words and so on.

Good luck!

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