Distraction spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your voice
  • A specific person to cast on
  • Know your element
  • Depending on your element either The air, a heat source, the earth, or water

This spell will make whoever you cast it upon distracted long enough that they won't notice you

Casting Instructions for 'Distraction spell'

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While keeping a clear picture of whoever you want to be distracted from you chant

"Invisible I shall be to those I wish not to see me"

Now depending on your element do what your element says while chanting

Air: circle your hands around in a ball making a ball shape out of the spell once done chanting blow the ball out into the air *be outside or near an open window

Earth: Chant while pressing your hands into the ground imagining your words flowing through the earth

Fire: Chant into or near a heat source*fire, heater, or the suns rays

Water: Chant while in or touching water, imaging your words being carried through the water

Afterwards~ Once you want to be noticed again simply do the same as stated above but instead chanting
"See me now I decree see me now mote it be"

Notes ~The spell will not work if cast with an element that is not yours, if you have more than one element use the one you feel is best. Another note the spell will not work of you do things to attract attention to yourself * stealing, being loud , making eye contact, ect.

This spell should be cast once per person you wish to be distracted from you.


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