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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Believe in the Power Rangers

If you have watched the original Might Morphing Power Rangers as a kid and dreamed of being a Power Ranger well your in luck inspired by the Power Rangers tv shows I have created a spell that will turn you into a power ranger from any team that you dream of and your ranger colour for girls either pink or yellow for most ranger teams and for boys the other ranger colours your colour will vary on what ranger team you dream about when your sleeping

Casting Instructions for 'Power Rangers Spell'

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Say the spell I wish to no longer be human but to be a power ranger I will be given special powers and abilities I will save I will save my city from the power rangers tv shows villans I will be with a team of kids who have the same powers as me I will only use my powers for good I will have a mentor that will teach me how to use my powers I will be able to morph into my ranger form and control my zord and the megazord and know how to fight and use my weapons. Side Effects: Dreams of being a power ranger of a certain team and ranger colour from any of the seasons, Experiencing weird things like special powers and visions, Finding your morpher in your room on your computer desk or bed, Fighting the minons of the villans

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