Meditation Techniques

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These are ways I find very useful when you want to learn to meditate and get into the meditative state.

Casting Instructions for 'Meditation Techniques'

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Garbage Technique In the garbage technique I want you to sit down with your back straight (to align your chakras) and close your eyes. Visualize nothing in your mind, then put a garbage can into your mind (or dumpster, whatever). Now take all the emotions that were negative and all negative things and imagine them flying into the trash can. Then when they all go into the trash can and you feel calm close the trash can and move it out of your mind. After you move it out of your mind imagine the clear blue sky above you on a beautiful summer day... truly peaceful around you... soon after you will be in a meditative state and you may keep this as long as you like as long as you focus on peaceful and clear things.

Breathing Technique In the breathing technique you must sit down with your back straight (to align your chakras) and close your eyes. Now imagine nothing, think nothing, just focus on your breathing and nothing else. Feel, and focus on your breathing...inhale... exhale.... inhale...etc. and focus on this continuously until you lose track of everything. And from there you will be in a meditative state and if you fall out of it then work with the breathing again.


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