De-Aging Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • White Vomit
  • Black Vomit
  • Green Vomit
  • My Vomit
  • Your Vomit
  • A Cauldron Made From The Withes Of Moldorvo
  • A White Birch Wand With A Pheonix Core
  • A Nimbus 3000
  • A Shadow
  • The Color Red
  • My Fav Color
  • Belief


Casting Instructions for 'De-Aging Spell'

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1. Take all the vomit and put it into the cauldron. This spell works better at night. Even better if your astrological time is happening. 2. Stir the vomit around with a telekinetic spell, the wand will help focus the energy. 3. After exactly 1000 rain drops fall from a storm cloud in a certain location, then and only then can you stop stiring. You will know if it works when the vomit smells like vomit. 4. After doing this, telekinetic that vomit into a vomit ball your height in centimeters above the cauldron. Make sure the vomit ball is stable, not sloshing around and stuff. If any of the vomit drips out of the vomit ball, it wont work. 5. After being condensed till it is a pure vomit ball and that no other molecules are in the ball, i.e. air molecules, then you may telekinetic the vomit ball into your mouth. Make sure that none of the vomit spills out of the ball. The vomit should taste like vomit. 6. After consuming the vomit ball, use the colors and the shadow to transform the Nimbus 3000 into a fire wolf. 7. After turning the Nimbus 3000 into a fire wolf, make the fire wolf attack you. If the vomit ball did its trick, the fire wolf should be absorbed by you, however, you may be scarred horrendously for life afterwards, but if youre a level 10 witch like I am, then you can just fix it up in no time. 8. After all of this, you should never age again, if you repeat the process every month.


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