The Secert to Fire Manipulation

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Open Third Eye
  • Patience
  • Lite Candle
  • Voice

Practice your Fire Manipulation.

Casting Instructions for 'The Secert to Fire Manipulation'

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Yes, yes! You want to be "Avatario", or whatever. Listen, Fire Manipulation takes time and you cant just say ALAKAZAM! So, listen up kids and HEY this is a 18 YEARS and up Practice!! Dont want you little Kiddies burning down houses, OKAY?

*So You Want to know the Secert? Controling the AIR around the Fire!*

Okay start with a Lite Candle. Get in a comfortable position by the candle. Like sit in a chair with the Candle being on the table, or What ever...I think you got it. GOOD.

Focus on the the air in the room and around the flame with your Third Eye. Helps if you close your two other eyes...The Number One and Two, Moron.

Now Chant your meditation Hmmm, If you dont got one. STOP!!! Get One, Leason stops right hear Little Chickies! Your Meditatation Hmmmm, will find you...WHATS MINE? Get your Own. Im not going to answer that question for you. Thats something you need to find for yourselfs.

Now your chanting, right? Well Start!! Okay now focus all the air coming together, into one tight ball of energy. Alright, Now were Getting Somewhere!

Okay, Practice moving the orb around, Then try useing it around the flame. You can use your hands for this if you like, But Dont Touch The Flame!! God, think how stupid youd feel if you had to go to the emergency room because you burnt yourself by touching FIRE!! Stupid!

*ALRIGHT thats it. Any Questions Plesea contact me. AGIAN this takes ALOT of PRACTICE and TIME. It took me 45 times before I could even form a orb of air... and I touched the fire, it burnt ME!! YOUR NOT SUPERHUMAN!!! FROM: Family Spell Book, Reworded.*


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