Love Energy Satchet

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Small pink bag.
  • Small items that represent love to you.
  • Pink candle (taper is not recommended.)
  • Pink feather.

To attract loving energies around you. not to make anyone fall for you, this is just to have love energy around you, giving off a loving aura coming from you.

Casting Instructions for 'Love Energy Satchet'

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If an altar is present, you should work at your altar. The circle should be cast, but is not necessary. If you have done so, proceed to light the pink candle, preferably a tealight or a rose shaped candle. After lighting the candle, put your love representations in the pink bag, followed by the pink feather. Close the bag and hold it in your dominate hand and recite the following incantation:

Hate be shallow, love be deep,

Surround my items with love.

Let no hate enter, I disallow it,

Let it come, let love come this moment,

In the form of energy around me.

After the incantation is said, the candle is to be snuffed out and the wax should be left to cool. When it is cool, the candle should be placed in the bag and carried along with you. Should the need to do this spell surface again, light the candle, hold the bag in your dominate hand and recite the incantation.

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