Stolen leaf clover

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a blesses pen (has to be able to click out)
  • a tiny piece of paper

this spell gives you luck from someone across the world who has stumbled across a four leaf clover. if you are skilled at you're third eye chakra you might be able to see the person's reaction when they saw that leaf clover and the lack of luck in it.

Casting Instructions for 'Stolen leaf clover'

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ok first you draw a leaf clover on a background with a sun,clouds,ground with grass,and the 4 leaf clover then you draw a x on the stem like it was broken then you draw an arrow pointing up above it after its all drawn with of course the blessed pen rub it with you're thumb imagine luck flowing into you're life then fold it then think my luck was drained on (say what you did to take away you're good luck) then fold it again then just think of 4 leaf clovers fold it again then think i shall get luck now from a 4 leaf clover fold it one more time then say around try to make the last one and the last thought go side to side then it will work perfect.

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