A simple wish spell By:Vulpix

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • Fireproof item(metal tray, sand..etc)
  • writing utensil
  • Specific wishes( you need to be as specific as possible)

You need to have a fireproof item to burn the paper on. Now I recommend those bound to secrecy go outside so no one smells the smoke. This spell does work I have done it more than once but only certain wishes will work...the ones that truly benefit you for example you cannot wish to kill someone , but wish that they be taught their lesson which in reality benefits both but you as well would not get disturbed by person...thats just an example.

Casting Instructions for 'A simple wish spell By:Vulpix'

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Now on the paper draw a circle that ALMOST takes up the page but leave room so you can draw the symbols of the elements outside the circle where they belong. Draw a pentacle in the circle as but as the circle with the symbols on the outside of the circle. I have a in my a album How its done it's the drawn pentacle with the circle around it. Now that you have all that put the paper on a fireproof item and burn it completley. Take the ashes and throw them into the air and say "it is done" and there you go . Hope this helps and message me if you have Any complications.


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