how to make a wand

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • tree
  • feet for walking
  • athame or knife to cut the branch off
  • voice

how to make a wand

Casting Instructions for 'how to make a wand'

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go find a tree outside and walk around in a circle three times each time you make a circle ask the tree " May I use your branch for magickal needs" another substitute is saying " may I use your branch for a wand"

and you feel a bad sense from the tree, or if it looks like as if it's shaking its head no, then it means the tree spirit does not want you to cut off it branches for a wand, if the tree said no, go to another tree and ask it and if it looks as if the tree is nodding his head yes or you get a good feeling about it, then it means you can cut the tree branch off and use it for magickal needs, the tree spirit will live within the wand and both of you together will be able to direct your energy for spells and be able to execute spells with the wand. also decorate your wand, and cut off the bark. the decorations can be feathers, feathers are a very powerful symbol such as freedom, also feathers ward off evil spirits. another option is to just keep it not decorated with, but if you choose to decorate it with quarts crystals for energy or feathers to ward of evil spirits then that's good. But I find that feathers are easier to put on a wand rather than stones. Also shave the wand to make it become more wand like.


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