PSI Ball

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create a Ball of energy using your mind, this is from my experience alone.

Casting Instructions for 'PSI Ball'

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Sit down in a peacefull place, put your hands close together or cup them if you wish. it seems to work better for me if they are not touching thou. In your mind picture engery from your head seeping down your kneck, through your shoulders and arms and finnaly into your hands. I normally picture then energy as being blue, but that something personal to me that iv always done, this may be different for you.
Now picture a small ball of energy in your hands. picture it getting bigger and bigger. when you push your hands together a little you may feel as if they are pushing apart, like the same sides of a magnet does. it may also feel like you have a ball in your hands.
if your good with seeing energy such as auras they you may be able to see the PSI ball. try moving your hands further away to make it bigger. Alot of time and practise and you will get better and better.
this is just the method that has worked for me, im not saying it will certainly work for you. you may also want to ground yourself before doing this. to do this take a couple of very deep breaths and imagine a sort of root linking the bottom of your back to the ground.
These methods have worked great for me, if you have any problems or want to know more then feel free to mail me. thankyou.


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