Sleep Tight

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing besides the intention of going to sleep.

This is a spell not to put you to sleep, but to gift you a good night sleep. It is good if you stay up to late and have to wake up the next morning early and want not to be tired.

Casting Instructions for 'Sleep Tight'

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You dont have to say it out loud but if you think it helps then say it out loud. But basically think/speak/chant these words as many times as you need to feel comfatorable.

Spirits of the night help me this week, Spirits of the night help me gain sleep.

Imagine your self falling through reality and into sleep if you think that will help, into a complete heaven. Try not to move after casting the spell, it tends to make the trance like stage weaken. Signs that the spell worked is that your all your bodies tensions are relaxed and that your eyelids seam to heavy to stay awake. Remember to really believe that you are fading into sleep, this is not really adding hours to your sleep, but you will think it will. I garanty a better night sleep.

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