Become a Werewolf Spell

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Last Quarter Moon
Last Quarter
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 8 Blue and Black Candles
  • One Fire Place
  • Cofee Table
  • Relaxing
  • Mind
  • You
  • Night Time
  • Almost Midnight
  • 1Cup of your blood
  • Leaf=3
  • Dog Fur (Wolf ect.)
  • Color of your eye candle=4
  • New Moon or Full (100% Full)
  • At least 18sins or more...
  • Believe
  • Guts to rejected your soul
  • Red Wine
  • Viniger To ward off evil
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Nothing Else

This also helps all the memories that haunt you, that were bad. You do go to hell for this, and some may not...

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Werewolf Spell'

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Okay First, light all the candles you have, a specialy the eye color of your eyes. Light the fire place. Close your eyes, and imagine how you want to look as a werewolf...Now put all the 3leafs on the cofee table, and burn them to ash. Then stick the Wolf dog fur in the leafs ashes. Howl at the moon light. Concentrate as a werewolf.
Whisper to you: Howls of the blood at night, rejected souls, bring me in you holes. I wish for a demon curse tonight and forever, I live as a werewolf forever be. Then, you start hurting like crazy!!!
Then relax so you don't feel the pain, ignore the pain and don't fight it. Now pou your blood on you and the candle flames (a drip).
On the color of your eye candle, stair at it and say: Make me a beast, I'd never be late to feast. Say all this spells 10x. Think about all your sins going back at someone else. That will happen, is what you have to believe. Now use you psychic abilities to see the visions in the future. If you see you real ugly, then the spell has worked! Then when it is exactly 12:00, howl 20x at the moon. Then fur starts to pop out of you. You grow fangs (4inch) then you can't ever reverce this spell. So you rejected your soul, so that means you can't control yourself now!

Never do on children younger then 8yrs.
Always do at night or you can die, because this spell is very powerful!

This article was contributed by MiiJason1800

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