Oil blends for remembering past lives: the readable version

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Lilac fragrance oil (remembering past lives
  • Forget Me Not fragrance oil (memory)
  • Vanilla fragrance oil (aiding memory)
  • Everything else varies depending on the use of the oil blend, all other ingredients for the foundations to each of the blends is provided in the instructions.

This could be useful for anyone, but was made specifically with the otherkin and therian community in mind. I have used these and found them useful, but I'm only one person; what works for me mightn't work for everyone. Not a spell in and of itself, but can be used in spells.
This is exactly the same as the last one except I fixed the HTML commands so that it can be read properly.

Casting Instructions for 'Oil blends for remembering past lives: the readable version'

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Is this the same as the other oil blends for remembering past lives? Yes. Yes it is. However when I published the last one I didn't realise that the line-break command doesn't work here so the formatting made the instructions impossible to follow, and I couldn't edit it nor take it down, so here we are. Important General Notes For Beginning Witches: If you're new to the craft, please read this section. This is important information. Oil blends are useful in a lot of things, ranging from aiding meditation to spells and potions. This is here to provide a foundation to your oil blend, after that it's up to you to add other oils to suit your purpose. Especially because this guide has been made mainly to help otherkin and therian individuals, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work here. I've provided a list of relevant correspondences beside all my ingredients. If you don't have something, don't worry: just find something else with the same correspondences, it'll work just as well. The ingredients for a spell or potion are chosen because of what they correspond with, so very rarely will you actually need exactly what's listed in the ingredients. That being said, I've tried to ensure that the base ingredients for these oils are easy to obtain. There are lots of digital herb grimoires online, a few websites I recommend are,,, and
I have the herbs but I don't have the oil from them!
I've often found myself in this situation as well, I personally find that it's hard to find oils for herbs often used in cooking, so here's a quick how-to on making plant fragrant oils (this method also works with tea, just so you know). This guide uses fragrant oils. Fragrant oils consist of a base oil with little to no scent and an essential oil, which is the part that makes the fragrance. Common bases include almond oil, canola oil, sunflower oil and olive oil. What I do to get fragrant oils is I fill a small(ish) jar about 2/3s of the way with my base oil of choice and then fill the rest with whatever herb, flower, or resin I want for my fragrance, close the lid, and let it steep from a couple days to a week. After that time has passed, I strain out the plant matter, pasteurise* the oil if needed, and then bottle it. Voil?, fragrant oil ready for all your witchy needs! If you're going to use your oil blend in something that you will eat or put on your skin, make sure the plant/s it's made from aren't poisonous. If you're using other oil blends for this one, they usually list ingredients on the label of the bottle. Not sure about wether something is poisonous or not, try googling ''is [plant] safe to eat?'' Discount stores often sell fragrant oils very cheaply. For anyone in Australia, stacks discounts sells 16mL bottles of fragrant oils for $2.00AU, and 50 mL bottles for $4.00AU. Tumblr and Pinterest have a lot of information on where to get supplies cheaply, some good tags to look through are
budget witchcraft, witch on a budget,
frugal witch.
Another suggestion is to buy wholesale goods from places like eBay. For anyone who's unaware, Spells of Magic also has an online store that sells fragrant oils and blends fairly cheaply among other things. End of General Notes This guide is geared towards recovering kin memories, however, if you aren't otherkin or therian this should work just as well. That being said, I should warn you that not all memories will be pleasant, so keep that in mind when you put these to use. What you use in your blend will vary from person to person, but each of these requires a few essential ingredients, a foundation, if you will. However, what you need for your foundation will vary depending on what you intend to use your oil blend for, an oil for meditation will need a slightly different base than one to invite prophetic dreams, for example. The idea is you make up your base and then add oils that are relevant to the life (or aspects of) that you want to recall. The measurements specified are just recommendations, feel free to tweak them as you will. Oil base for aiding meditation To use: add to an oil defuser before meditation. If you add non-toxic plants to this base it can also be applied directly to the skin before you meditate. - Lilac (remembering past lives, harmony) [2 parts] - Vanilla (aids memory)[1 part] - Bay leaf (psychic powers, divination) [1 part] - Cinnamon (psychic powers, mental focus) [1 part] - Forget-me-not (memories) [2 parts] - Jasmine (meditation) [1 part] Oil base for inviting prophetic dreams To use: add to a dream sachet or an electric oil defuser before you how to bed or use in dream spells. If you add non-toxic plants to this base, then feel free to apply it to the skin as you would with aromatherapy oils. - Lilac (remembering past lives) [2 parts] - Forget-me-not (memories) [3 parts] - Lavender (sleep, peace) [2 parts] - Vanilla (aids memory) [1 part] - Jasmine (prophetic dreams) [2 parts] Oil base to aid astral projection To use: add to an oil defuser or use to anoint a protective charm or amulet before astral projection. Can be used to add to spell-jars to aid in astral projection, but keep those jars specifically for recovering memories of past lives. If no toxic plants are used in your oil blend, feel free to apply it to your skin as you would with aromatherapy oils. Forget-me-not (memories) [2 parts] - Vanilla (aids memory) [1 part] - Lavender (protection, peace) [1 part] - Lilac (remembering past lives, peace, harmony) [2 parts] - Aniseed (protection during astral projection) [1 part] - Mugwort (aids astral travel) [1 part] General base for use in spells, potions, etc: - Vanilla (aids memory) [1 part] - Lavender (protection, peace) [1 part] - Lilac (remembering past lives, peace, harmony) [1 part] ------ suggestions for oils you might add to your blend
Not otherkin specific (by correspondence):
Love: Basil Cherry Chestnut Coriander Wealth: Basil Comfrey Cashew Cinnamon Camellia Grape Prosperity: Cinnamon Camellia Basil Success: Cinnamon Ginger Clover - - - -
Suggestions for otherkin blends
This is a little more complicated than the last section, partly because it's hard to find plants that correspond with certain animals and other creatures, and partly because there's too many different kin-types to just make a list of suggestions based in each kin-type. That being said, if you don't already have a selection of oils in mind, you'll need a jumping-off point, so here we go. The most obvious thing that comes to mind is plants that have a pre-existing correspondence with your kin or therian type, such as catnip for a cat-therian or dragons blood for dragonkin. That last thing isn't always easy nor always an option, so the next step would be to find oils that
associate with your kin-type. I mean this on the most basic level, like a ghostkin person may associate roses with their kin-type, possibly because people lay roses on peoples' graves. You want to tailor your blend to be as specific to the life you're trying to recall as possible. In this case even vague memories of that life could come in handy. Another suggestion along this vein would be to include oils that you associate not just with that kin-type but that life. Remember certain colours, try plants of that colour. Remember certain plants, try those plants. A particular climate, plants that can grow in those conditions. Plants that grow in the types of places you remember. Remember a country, try their national flower. Something that might be useful is that fragrance blends are often used to refresh potpourri, so you might be able to find blends that you associate with certain places, such as an ocean-themed blend for oceanic kin-types, etcetera.


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