How to get information in a dream! Very easy!

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None needed! You just need BELIEF and your MIND.

You do not need any ingredients at all! Its very easy to do and if you need information or need help or need to know something, this is a great way!

Casting Instructions for 'How to get information in a dream! Very easy!'

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This spell is extremely easy and I do it all the time!
Its just a little chant though you can make up your own.
You DO NOT need to be Spiritual!
You are going to ask either Faeries, angels, deities (gods and goddesses. I see Faeries so I don't ever really ssk for dream help.
They help more with healing and stuff.
Angels are extremely good when it comes to dream and information help.
Just say this:
Dear ___ (angels, etc) please help me tonight,
Help me gain information from my dreams,
Send me help dear ___ (angels etc), for I need insight.
Say this before you go to sleep, try not to think too much about it
Before you sleep. It does not always work but it works many times.
I recommend asking the Angels.
Mail me if you need some tips on how to see Faeries, or want info on them or of you have questions. I hope this spell helps!

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