Elemental Blood

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Waning Gibbous Moon
Waning Gibbous
67% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A red candle (for fire)
  • A black candle (for death)
  • A green candle (for earth,plant,wood,poison)
  • A blue candle (for water)
  • A yellow candle (for air,wind)
  • A brown candle (for animal,soil,steam)
  • A gray candle (smoke)
  • A white candle (for light, dream)
  • A purple candle (for nightmare,shadow, darkness)
  • A silver candle (for stones,metals)
  • A pink candle (for storm)
  • A orange candle (for heat,lighting)
  • A gold candle (for lighting, light, snow, ice, spirit)
  • A clear candle (for all elements)

This is a spell that is highly unpredictable,use with caution. This is a spell to help find your element,and to find out your power within the element.

Casting Instructions for 'Elemental Blood'

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Do this spell on a sunny day; midday, or in the middle of the night; midnight.
Find a quiet place, or a place where you feel relaxed.
Create a pentagram on the floor.
Set up the ingredients around the pentagram.
Light all the candles starting with the clear candle.
Sit in the middle and mediate, relax your body and mind, sit their as long as you want.
When you get up, leave every thing there.
When you sleep that night you will dream of that element or elements, and the power within the element that is yours.
Beware though your soul can be traped within that dream, its likely that this will happen, if this does happen your body will be already dead, and that you can't return back into the mortal world.

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