Werewolf spell.

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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent
20% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Candle *optional
  • Incense *optional
  • Experience (intermediate understanding of what your asking of needed)
  • belief
  • Sacrafice *optional

This spell has been found in the original Spell library of the witches of many years ago it's not necessarily a spell, but it's a chant to the goddess Artemis/Diana to send her wolven children to help you gain your 'wolf status'

Casting Instructions for 'Werewolf spell.'

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   =>Spiritual Spells
   =>Defense Spells
   =>Werewolf spell.
you are going to Chant this spell 3 times
******you must believe it for it to work******
*in this stage, light your candle and your incense.
meditate for as long as is needed and try to get Artemis'/Diana's attention. prove yourself.
*offer your sacrafice. your sacrafice must be food, plant, or blood. the food must be meat and the plant has to fit the lunar stage. like a lily to represent the moon
once you think that she has noticed you and thinks you're worty, chant this
it is in latin and i the pronounciation is on the bottom

Dian? hic placitum meum
apparebit est vere credo,
fac mihi lupus.
quid mihi opus est ut '

Da mihi virtutem nocte derivare
et ego ero imperare animo mutationem voluntatis
habebo virt?te
Ego me inveniet
ego me
et mihi est lupus
Diana exaudi orationem meam
Hoc ego postulo

prope est, ut sciam periculum
sensus validior est videre et audire.
Ego creaturae noctis
transeatur quando Luna est dextera
mitte filii vestri
filii tui wolven
ad me mordeant
da mihi virtutem
mutare me
unum nos facere
sic fiat


Dian ay hick plass it um mi um
ah pair bit est ver ay crey doe,
fack mee hee loo puss.
koo id mee hee oh puss est utt'

Da mee hee vir tut im noc tay der ivv are
et eh go eh row imper air animo mutation em volunt ate iss
hab ebo vir tewt
Ego me inveni et
ego me
et mee hee est lupus
Diana ex audi o ration em meme
Hock ego post oolow

prop est, ut ski am purr ick you lim
census valid e or est vid ear et audi rey.
Ego creatur ay noct iss
trans eater quan doe Luna est dexter uh
mitt ay fill e vest tree
fill e to e wolven
add me more dean t
da mee he virtue tem
mutare meh
un um naws fack air
sick fee awt

side effects
eye colour change
sharper teeth
wanting to be outside more
and of course, more hair



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