Three Kings

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A very large, empty and quiet room, preferably without windows. If windows exist, you need to be able to cover them and ensure total darkness. Basements usually work well, if theyíre roomy enough.
  • A pack of candles (youíll only use one, if all goes well) and a lighter.
  • A bucket of water and a mug.
  • A fan.
  • Two large mirrors (like the one on your dresser. Donít worry, they wonít be harmed. Or if they are, itíd be the least of your concerns.)
  • Three chairs.
  • An alarm clock.
  • An active cell phone (donít forget to charge the goddamn battery!)
  • A loved one willing to follow the rules and go along with all this madness.
  • 10. A small toy or dear object from your childhood.

Introduction: You have to be big on preparation if you want to try this. Itís like skydiving: if getting it right on your first try is not something youíre good at, then this is not for you.
If you do drugs or alcohol the night of this event, youíre going to have a bad time. If youíre going through some serious issues in your life and are not feeling mentally or spiritually stable, or if youíre doing this just to escape, youíre going to have a bad time. And if you donít follow my instructions (particularly the multiple backups Iíll give you, which trust me, are there for a reason) youíre going to really have a bad time.
As always, Not Mine.

Casting Instructions for 'Three Kings'

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1. Start setup at around 11:00pm. Place one chair in the center of the room, facing north. This is important. Place the other two chairs exactly to the left and right, facing your throne. The distance between your throne and that of your queen and fool should be about the length of your arm to each side, more or less.

2. Place the two large mirrors on the queen and fool chairs left and right of you, facing you (and each other). Try your best to have them stand at a 90 degree angle, or else you may get more or less than three kings. If you sit on your throne facing straight ahead (north), you should be able to perceive your own reflection in each of the two mirrors without actually having to turn your head nor your eyes to do so. If you see your own reflection in the corner of your eye, just barely there, then you've done it right.

3. Place the bucket of water and the mug in front of you, just barely out of reach.

4. Place the fan behind you and turn it on. Don?t set it to maximum power ? medium or low is usually enough. Leave it on.

5.Turn off the lights, leave the door open and go to your bedroom.

6. Set the candles by the side of the bed, next to a lighter, your alarm clock and your cell phone (leave it charging). Set your alarm clock for 3:30am.

7. Turn off the lights and sleep while holding your power object. Get some rest.

How to do it:
Step 1: Wake up at 3:30am with your alarm clock. Turn it off, but don?t turn on the light. You have exactly three minutes to light your candle, grab your cell phone and make your way to the dark room to sit on your throne. You should be seated by 3:33am.

Step 2: Don?t forget your power object!

Step 3: Check for potential red flags: if your cell phone didn't charge for whatever reason, abort the mission. If the alarm didn't go off at exactly 3:30am, abort the mission. If you find the dark room door closed (remember you left it open) abort the mission. If the fan is turned off (you left it on) abort the mission.
(Side note: if you have to abort the mission due to any of the above, leave the house with your loved one. Go to a hotel or something. There?s no need to run; you have time to grab a jacket and your keys and whatnot, but leave. After 6:00am the coast should be clear).

Step 4: If all is going as planned, you can proceed and take your throne. DO NOT look at either of the two mirrors beside you. DO NOT let the candle go out. The fan is behind you. You must protect the candle with your body, which is standing in between. There?s a reason for this, as you?ll soon see.

Step 5: Look straight ahead, at the darkness. Not at the candle, not at the mirrors, just straight ahead. Eagle-eyed readers surely noticed I didn?t say during setup which chair was queen and which chair was fool. That?s because it?s your job to find out. And from their point of view, you are either their queen or their fool, too. Hence three kings.

1. Do not look directly at the mirrors, nor the candle. Just straight ahead, trust me. Don?t chicken out, either; you need to wait until 4:34. By 4:34 it?s all over.
2. Do not to let the candle go out. That?s what the fan is for. You?re protecting the candle with your body, but if your body were to be suddenly moved then the fan would blow out the candle. That?s backup number one.
3. Backup number two: At 4:34 they have to come in the room and call your name. If that won?t work, they have to call your cell phone. If that won?t work, they have the glass of water and the bucket. They can?t touch you though ? that?s a newbie mistake.
4. Backup number three is your item of power, the toy or locket or whatever object of strength you brought along for the ride. It?ll show you the way if shit hits the fan.


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