Black Magic

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Waning Crescent
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 locket or ring or any other accessory that you have since a long time.
  • Time : midnight
  • full moon night
  • outside in a peaceful area

This spell is to grant power of dark magic. I Have had this from a magician who is very famous specially in India.

Casting Instructions for 'Black Magic'

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this spell has to be strictly followed..!
at exactly midnight you have to start this process and a full moon night is a must.!
go outside and hold up your locket(accessory).!
now close your eyes and focus hard.. until you can visualize an image of moon and your locket(accessory) altogether.!
now with your eyes closed wear the accessory and then open your eyes and facing towards the moon read this spell 3 times.!

o spirits of dark.
listen as i call thee.
make me one of your kind.
as i wish to be.
let a new me be reborn.
tomorrow as the night rises.
let my powers also rise.
and give me a new identity.
so mote it be.!

the accessory you will be wearing during this incantation will contain the most of the powers of yours..
and this spell will only work if you have an inborn quality to attain magic..
try it out and find out about yourself..!

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