How to Fly on Command While Dreaming

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ability to lucid dream

Teaches you about catching yourself while falling in a dream gliding lifting yourself up higher and flying faster

Casting Instructions for 'How to Fly on Command While Dreaming'

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When you are falling from a great height in a dream (like in the conjuring spell of mine) say out loud parachute and imagine one coming out of a backpack in your dream you should see some strings pull on them to guide your landing

if you need to rush or glide while dreaming say wings and imagine giant wings coming out you back any way you lean will guide you in that direction.

if you need to lift using you wings (this is silly) flap your arms but try not to touch any part of your body while doing this you'll wake up.

if you need to rush with your wings place both arms at your side and imagine rushing towards your target this can get really intense depending on how fast you go the faster you go the more you heart races don't hurt yourself doing this.

if you need to go up a lot faster with more control imagine a jet pack this will cause you to rise into the air steadly you will have to tell the jet pack which way to go out loud.

if already flying or hovering above ground in a dream which ever way you lean is where you will go.

good luck


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