Sorcery Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • just your mind.

It's to enhance your spiritual shapeshifting spells greater.

Casting Instructions for 'Sorcery Spell'

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before you read this this may only shapeshift you spiritually, and most people do not believe in the concept of p-shifting spells, it may be a fantasy spell, anyways here it's
walk in a 3 foot circle in your mind, the walk in a 7 foot circle within your mind, then imagine a pot with 3 sticks to hold it up, make a fire underneath the pot, then say within your mind " spirits of the leas that grow upon the trees, be kind to me, spirits of fire and ice that are fair and nice, be kind to me, spirits of the dead that glide with noisless trend be kind to me, spirits of the undead that are awake in their beds be kind to me, spirits of wolves, werewolves vampires, satyrs and ghosts elect all your devilish hosts." then say this " send hither, send hithers, send hither the great grey shape that makes me shiver" after saying hither 3 times in your mind, turn the flame blue in your mind and you should turn into a wolf, shapeshift you. Some say all you have to do is imagine the pot, the 3 sticks, and imagine you walking in a circle 3 times, and walk on the outside 7 times, then you say send hither, send hither, send hither the great gray shape that makes men shiver then you turn the flame blue. It depends on what you feel like. This spell was used whenever or wherever you wanted to shapeshift.


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