Soul Harnessing and Binding

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A lifeform (a bug, hopefully)
  • 1 purple candle
  • A voice
  • A dagger
  • You're own blood
  • A bowl
  • Item (Jewelry, clothes, a tool,
  • and so on)

How to harness and bind a soul
to a item.

Casting Instructions for 'Soul Harnessing and Binding'

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You MUST be outside. If you do it correctly inside the soul will haunt the building.

Place the candle on a stone space. Start murmur
-"Quod in corpus tuum pusillum cupio ex te qui hoc propositum debet esse,
et sic erit"
7 times, then do it louder. 7 times. Repeat until you are shouting.
At the same time as the murmuring, you shall take the item that you want to be binded and next to it the lifeform. Cut you're self on the hand and make a line of the blood to the item and to the lifeform, the blood must also be on the item and on the lifeform.
Repeat the murmuring 7 times.
Leave the item on the space, let the candle burn. And dispose the soul-less lifeform.

Soul binding is risky, but worth it. If not done correctly, the soul will haunt you forever. If you use a tool as the item the results will be:
If axe used as item, it will be sharper and easier to use.
If container used as item, it will be able to contain more.
And so on.

The reason i used 7 and 14 is because 7 is the number of Magick. 14 is better than 7 and 21 better than 14.

The blood is used like a ink, and the stone as papper. Its a bond.

The more you murmur the less the chance of the soul escaping the item and haunt you forever. Only murmur 7 or 14 or 21 or 28 until 35.
DO NOT murmur more than that.

DO NOT use a human if its not a mindless little fuck. If the soul is bound to a dagger and the soul former body was a human, it will try to kill you. That is because when you is binded to a item, then there is no words to describe the pain.

Have a nice day. Add me as friend, becuase i am forever alone.
And if you spam me or something else. Then i know how to make souls haunt peple.

Have a nice day


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