Spell to Heal Your Friend Broken Heart

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Use a photograph of your friend to keep your mind focused. If you do not have a photograph, write their name on a piece of paper and draw a heart around it.

That's really nice; most people only ever request spells for themselves and that can be problematic. Doing a loving heart healing spell for another person is a wonderful gift. You can use this spell for any friend who could do with more love in their lives, or a relative, or a lover, or a child. Beautiful spell, only two ingredients - your intention and your love.

Casting Instructions for 'Spell to Heal Your Friend Broken Heart'

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Look at the photo/name in the heart and take your time to think about your friend, about how much you love them, and your real desire to help them. Breathe deeply and let the emotions rise up so you can really feel them; thats the energy which powers the spell. When you are ready: Put both hands on the centre of your chest (over the place where you would point when you say, thats me) and take three deep breaths in and out. Say out aloud and in your mind at the same time (evoke):

I call to the powers below and above North, East, South, West in the name of love.

Keep your hands in the Heart Healing position; in between each verse of the spell, take deep breathes in and out and concentrate on your love for your friend.

Heal (your friends name) heart

who is so dear heal all (His/her) pain

heal all (his/her) fear.

I send(him/her) power,

heart of gold,

I send (him/her) light

and love untold.

To heal (him/her) heart

to make it bright

flare like the sun

in day and night.

Now really concentrate, focus, and let this last one ring out powerfully so you can really feel it in your own body:

From me to you

my love will flow

you shall be healed

and it is so.


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