Break Illuminati's curse

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Penatgram
  • Sigil Of Enki
  • Every symbol relating to enki go to this wensite for some s.htm (i hate that website but they have all the symbols)

This spell will stop illuminati hypnotising you by binding them. You will also have a better relationship with ENKI/EA TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS AFTER ABOUT 1 WEEK

Casting Instructions for 'Break Illuminati's curse'

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   =>Banishing Spells
   =>Break Illuminati's
? Draw a Pentagram on paper
? Print sigil of Enki
? Draw every single sign that relates to Enki
? Write Illuminati, Anu, Enemies of ENKI
? Do this on Monday at (all of it) 3AM + (do all but only 1X) at 11:11AM + PM + Midnight
? Say 11X
? ?Illuminati lies, Illuminati Lies, Illuminati Lies, Within This Spell, there spell now dies, they hold a spell over the nation, they lie and say it is illumination, They Look like they follow ENKI, they don?t, They Follow Anu, but I certainly won?t. ANU ANU, I now renounce you. There was once a time when humans, and the God?s were at one, you didn?t like that, afraid we?d get too strong. The Lie of Christianity has gone on for too long, Illuminati still reinforcing it keeping their lie Strong, But no longer, for this Incantation, Breaks all of their subliminal hypnotisation, Illuminati, Enemies of Enki, ANU, In this spell I Now Bind, and exercise you. Depart from my world, soul, body, and Mind, for it is ENKI, who I wish to find, and it is you who I wish to bind. ENKI ENKI ENKI ENKI ENKI ENKI ENKI ENKI ENKI ENKI ENKI. I pledge allegiance to you Come in to my heart, your path I now start, past allegiances, I now depart. This is my will, Make it be, SO MOTE IT BE?.
? Stab/tear/wrip the paper with Illuminati, Anu, Enemies of ENKI on.
? Flush it down the toilet
? Hold Sigil of ENKI to your heart/cuddle/kiss it.
? Clean Aura


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