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Spell Index => Luck Spells => Wish Spells

Make a wish and cast these spells correctly and your wish will come true.

The more outrageous the wish the more magical power is needed to cast it correctly. When miss-cast these spells usually fail by making the wish never come true.

More Free Wish Spells

Mine All Mine
New moon mermaid spell
Paper Star Wishes
Sleep Chant
Super speed spell
The Marriage Bottle
The Witch's Ladder
Vampire Spell
Want Spell
Werewolf Enchantment
Wish on your own star.
Wish Spell
Wishing Blaze
Wolf Blood Spell
Spell For Good Grades.
A paper wish spell.
A Sleep Spell (By RedRockets)
A-Wish Afloat
Activating a Wish
Angel Spell
Appreciation of Creation
Blood Dragon Charm
Calm The Winds
Day of birth wish spell
Dream Influencer
Egg Wish
Eye color Change
Find Soul Mate
Fly-By School Day
Gender Change (Female)
Get a Kiss Spell
Glass Eye
Good Luck Locket(EASY)
Maintain Unconditional Love
Moon Wishes
Necklace wishing
Popstar Spell
Psychic Abilities
Remember Dreams
Reunite Lost Lovers
Snap Wishes
Summon The Fairies
The Fre-du-Jon beauty spell
Vampire Transformation
Very Simple Want Spell
Water's Money Powder
Wish spell
Wish spell.
Writing your own spells
A Mermaid Potion
Wish spell.
3 Wishes Spell
7 Day Wish
8 Power Wish
A Long-Term Earth Spell
A on a test
A Vampire Spell
A WIsh Spell
A-Case for Court
Acoda's Wish Spell
Ancient Love Spell
Angel I wish
Angel Spell
Another Mermaid Spell
Another Werewolf Spell
Anything You Want Spell
Archangel Wish Spells
Automatic Writing spell
Bad/Good Drink Spell
Be a Witch
Become A Fairy actually works!
Become A Jin
Become a Werewolf Spell
Become a Witch
Become an Angel
Big cat spell
Birthday Wish
Birthday wish spell
Birthday Wish Spell
Black Magic
Blessed Water Wishing Spell
Body guard Spell
Bond with the God(dess )
Breakup Spell
Bringing drawings to life
Calling A Lost Witch Spell
Cat Spell
Change the Traffic Light
Comedy Spell
Control The 7 Seas
Cool Shrinking Spell
Create a Spell
Creation spell
Cuipid's love spell
Djinn Summoning
Don't Come Tomorrow Teacher
Dragon Transformation
Duanes a Powerful Wish Spell
Elemental desire
Elsa ice and snow powers #2
ESAUE Square (wish spell)
Fairy magnet
Fast working spell
Finder's Keepers Spell
Forever a wish
Forming into Vampire 1
Full Moon Fruition Spell
Full moon mermaid spell
Full moon's wish.
Get an A+ Spell
Get of punishment
Get what you want
Good Health Wishing Spell
Green Light
Group Wings Spell
H2O Mermaid Spell
Have dream guy/boy come true
Hearts desire
How to become a mermaid
How To Become An H20 Mermaid
How to get Powers
How to Speed Up- a Happening
Ice powers
Immortality Spell
Inner dragon
Invoke Poseidon
Kagura's Wing Spell
Live for eternity charm~
Love Chant
Love Wish
Lucky Day
Magic Flower
Make a Wish
Make it snow
Make wishes come true
Make your Crush Love You
Meditation Practice tips
Mermaid One Day
Mermaid spell
Mermaid spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell, LilithEarth
Mermaid to Human Spell
Mermaid/Merman Potion
Mine All Mine
Mirror Magic
Moonlight Summoning
Multi-Religion Wings Spell
My homemade mermaid spell
My homemade mermaid spell
Neko transform
No Ingredient Wish
Omniscient Wisdom Mantra
Overnight Wish Spell
Phoenix Creation
Pokémon Creation
Pregnancy Spell Might work?
Reborn Spell
Reversal Spell
Show me the one Spel
Silent wish
Simple wish spell.
Simple Wizard Spell
Sing Ten Times More Beautiful
Sleepiness/Tiredness Spell
Snap Mote Wish
So you Want to be a Vampire?
Soul Eater Weapons
Spell of the gods
Spell To Become SuperMan
Storm Spell
Summon a Bus
Summon a Fairy
Super-strength spell
Tama speed spell
Television Magick
The Get You Anything Spell
The simplest love spell
To Become A Mermaid
To Become Someone Else
To love again...
To Summon Cute Guys
Transport Into Video Games
Truth Spell
Turn into any Minecraft Skin
Universe Grant Wish
Vampire Spell
Vampire Spell
Vampire Spell *Jasmyn0987*
Vampyre Spell
Very easy wish spell.
Walking On Water
water bending REAL
Were-cat Potion
Werecat Enchantment
Werewolf Spell
Werewolf Wonder
Whatever You Wish For Spell
Window into the future
Wish Apon The Moon
Wish Come True Spell
Wish Potion
Wish Ring Spell
Wish Spell
Wish spell
Wish spell
Wish Spell
Wish spell
Wish Spell
Wish spell
Wish Spell to Diana
Wish Spell to Diana
Wish spell(works, but risky)
Wish Upon a Star Spell
Wishing For Beginners
Wishing neckalacee
Wishing Spell
Wishing Spell
Wishing Spell
Witch's Lucky Candle Spell
Wolf shape-shifter updated
Writing letter to universe
ZOOM Spell
3 Wish Wpell
A Reappear Spell
A Thorny Wish Spell
A Wish Spell
Amber Wish Spell
Astral Wish
Basic Knot Spell
Become a Mermaid
Becoming A Mermaid
Birth Wish Spell
Birthday Wish Spell.
Bottle Magic
Bubble Money Spell
Cat Spell
Clover Luck
Cooling and Heating Drinks
Dragon Shifting (temporary)
Drawing spell
Elf Transformation
Eye Color Change Spell
Fairy Spell by MermaidTale
Female Anthro
Finding your lost cat spell
Fire Scrying
Fortune Cookie Spell
Genie in a Bottle
Get What you Want Spell
Get what you want Spell
Give an Enemy Bad Luck
Gods Grant Wishes
Good luck spell
Good Singing
Half Vampire Spell
Healing Spell
Herbal Correspondences
Horn Spells
How to find the Lost
How to get ice powers
Hybrid Spell
Jewelry Enchantment
Knowing Spell
Love Cards
Love prayer to the Norse Gods
Luck of nature
Making a Portable Altar Kit
May You Have Good Luck
Mermaid and Merman Spell
Mermaid potion
Mermaid Potion with Powers
Mermaid spell
Mermaid spell
Mermaid/merman spell May work
Morning Spell
My Wish Spell
Necklace Mermaid Spell
Neko Spell
New moon mermaid spell
Open the Third Eye
Pentagram Spell
Questions Answered
Real Wish Spell
Redeem Yourself / Another
Secret Wish Spell
Slow Down Time Spell
Spark of happiness
Spell to become a Cat
Star wishing
Stone of Power
Summon a blue fame fairy
Summoning a bus spell
Test, Homework,Good Grades
The basics about spellcasting
Third Eye Spell
To bring you what you need
Toy Alive
Traditional Knot Incantation
True Love Spell
Turryl Vela
Vampire Diaries Witch Spell
Vampire Spell Chant
Were-cat Potion (Extra)
White Wings Spell
Wish Charm- Manifestation.
Wish for a Token of Love
Wish grater spell,Become one
Wish of Subconsciousness
Wish someone a safe travel
Wish Spell
Wish Spell
Wish Spell
Wish Spell
Wish Spell To Diana
Wish Upon a Leaf for Love
Wishes Granted by Archangels
Wishful Thinking...
Wishing Spell
A simple spell to get what you wish for
Spell To Make You Dream Of The One You Love.
To Hear Other People's Thoughts
Updated real better mermaid spell
Wish what you want, any time any moon
A spell to change your eye color.
An Old Friend Returned (Only the Living(so far))
Dream Spell (To Dream What You Wish)
Simple Wish Spell For Beginners
Metamorphic Vampire Transformation
A Simple Wish Spell That Actually Works!!!
A Spell To Make You're Wishes Come True.
Become a Thing Spell- FrenchWitch
Dance Like In The Movie Step Up.
Enchant a necklace to turn into something
Imortality Spell *Guernteed to work*
Luck Spell: to Turn Odds in Your Favor
Mermaid Spell to Candace1452 by MermaidTale
Portkey or Object to Portal Spell
Say these words thrice as you hold the part of body you wish hair to grow...
Spell to become a powerfull witch
The ''3 Breaths Into The Wind'' Spell
to summon a fairy AND to get what you want
Turn Into Any Animals that aren't Extinct
Wishing With The Power Of Eight
Another Fairy Spell by MermaidTale
Banish Cigarette Smoking From Your Life
Better Singing Voice by MermaidTale
Consecration & Cleansing Ritual
fadeing WARNING: you need to be wearing a similar colour to your background
Find and summon your Spirit Animal
Get something Lost returned back to You
Increase Illusion Spells Effectiveness
Protecting Yourself and Others.
Spell boom with all the spells you liked from this Site
The vampire Diaries witch spell witch is almost guernteed to work
To make somthing special happen
Transform Into a Pokčmon Spell 2
Using The Right Incense For Spells
become a mermaid when wet
leaf wish spell
spell to be beautiful
get a wish granted
a wish spell
be a vampire
birthday candle incantation
easy wishing spell
fullfill your wish
give a shock
good luck law
memory spell for exams
merman spell
moon wish spell.
old wish spell
persuasion spell
real wish spell for beginners
sage prayer
shape shifting by alchemy12
snowy day
summoning tail spell
test if you are magic
turn into a cat
very simple dream home spell
wand wish
wish of the vampire
wish spell
wish spell
wishing spell
become a whitelighter
easy wish spell
how to orb
in the becomeing spell
luck spell for a friend
mermaid spell 1
new moon love spell
protective chant
the answer
true love
wish spell
wish spell
wolf spell 20
a witch spell that will make you a witch
find a suitable pumpkin for you
how to summon spirits, gods and goddesses for magical purposes
wish to make a amine character real : wish spell
how to talk to the elders.(mentally)
solitary full moon esbat ritual
Moonlight Candle Blessing
Old Wish Spell
Payed bills
Summoning a spirit
Teacher Shut up Spell
The Wishing Star
Three Things
Vanishing Spell
Water Wish Spell
Wish Manifestation Spell
Wish Spell
Wish Spells
Wishing spell
Working Mermaid spell
3 Wishes Spell
A Simple Wish Spell
A Wish Spell
Acoda's Money Powder
Adventure Spell
Apple Wish Spell
Attract Money Sachet
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Spell
Cloud breaker
Desire Spell
Ease Pain
Elements Unite
Find It Spell
Fire Well Wish Spell
For When You Wish to Travel
Get a guardian character
Get Me Warm
Good Day Spell
Koi's 8 Day Wish Spell
Making your own Spell
My mermaid spell
No Mind Technique
Power Charm
Rain Come Here
Remote Healing
Smarty pants spell
Spirit Sight
Symbolic Box Spell
The Perfect Companion
Very Powerful Wishing Spell
Voice Simulator
Wish Spell
Wish spell
Wishing Spell
''Magnets'' Wish spell
Beauty Spell
11:11 Wish Spell
3 Wishes spell
7-Day Magick Orange of Energy
A Calling Spell
A Mermaid Spell
A Spell To Bring Forth Money
A Wish Spell
A wishing spell
All-Purpose Wishing Spell
Angel Spell
Angel spell
Another simple Wish Spell
Antler Spell
Asking for Love
Baby Spell
Basil Wishes
Be the smartest!
Become a fire elf (english)
Become a Merman with powers
Become a Witch
Become a Witch spell
Become Psychic in 2 Hours
Bigger Boobs
Birthday wish
Birthday Wish Spell
Birthday Wish spell
Black Wish
Blood Demonic Wish Spell
Body Swap Spell
Break Up Spell
Breathe underwater
Call of the haunted
Calling A Lost Witch Spell
Cat transformation
Change your eye color
Contact in dream Spell
Control Weight Gain Spell ;)
Cotton Balls of wishes
Create a Wishing Stone
Crowns from
Curse Breaker
Dinosaur Spell
Don't Come to Class to Day
Dragon Transformation
Drawing Money
Easter Spell
Elsa Ice and Snow Powers
Enter a cinema screen.
Fairy God Parents Spell
Fame Spell
Find Your Path
Flower Fairy Spell
From Geek to Popular!
Full Moon Fruition Spell
Full Moon Wishing Spell
Gain Power spell
Get asked out tommorow
Get the answer you Want
Get what you wish for
Good Luck and Bad Luck
Griffin Creation
Growing in Wisdom
Half animal spell!
Healing Spell
How to become a Demon
How to become a vampire
How to create aspell spell.
How To Make A Spell
Hybrid Spell By Lord Lilith
Immortal Werewolf Spell
Increase a Skill
Invoke Hades
Invoke Zeus
Kiss Me Spell
Lost Possesions
Love Spell
Luck Spell
Lunar Wish/Lucky Spell
Make a twin
Make it rain
Make what you want Real
Make your BF/Crush speak truth
Make your own wand
Merlong's wish spell
Mermaid Potions
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell (NEW)
Mermaid to be
Mermaid when wet spell
Merman or Mermaid
Minecraft premium
Moon Wish
More than a friend
My Best Wish Spell
My homemade mermaid spell
My mermaid spell
New Maker
Obtain the power to spit acid
Overnight Merman
Pentacle Wish
PokEmon Pets
Powers Spell
Real Mermaid Spell
Relaxation Water Potion
Rune Spell for Anything
Sigil magic variation
Simple Quartz & Candle Spell
Simple Wishing Spell
Sing Better
Smart Spell
Solve a money problem FAST
Spell for pain protection
Spell to become a mermaid
Start new
Summon a Bus
Summon a Faery
Summon A Fairy
Talking to spirits
The Eye Color Change
The Pink Bubble
Time Fly By
To become a Vampire
To Give You Every Power
To Lure an evil spirit
Transform into a Bat
Tree Magic
Turn Into A Fairy
Unblocking Spell (Ritual)
Vampire Magic
Vampire spell
Vampire Spell (For Boy Only)
Vampyre Spell 2/ SUMMON
Voodoo Potion 1
Warrior Cats
Waterfront Wishing Spell
Were-Wolf Azue
Werewolf Shape-Shifting
Werewolf Spell
Werewolfery Spell
Win the lottery
Wish come true
Wish Fulfillment
Wish Potion Spell.
Wish spell
Wish Spell
Wish Spell
Wish spell
Wish Spell
Wish Spell
Wish spell
Wish Spell (Tested)
wish spell to Diana
Wish Spell!
Wish spell?
Wish Upon The Moon Spell
Wishing Coin
Wishing Jar
Wishing spell
Wishing spell
Wishing Spell
Witch candle white
Wolf shape-shifter
Wolf Transformation
Yarrow spell
Magical creature potion
A 10 knot witches ladder
A simple wish spell By:Vulpix
A Wish Spell
A Wishing Pod
Another Angel Spell
Banishing Bad Habits
Beauty Spell
Become you My Little Pony Self
Better Singing spells
Birthday wish spell
Black Angel Wings Spell
Bowynn Animal Totem Wish Spell
Candle Wish
Choose Your Lair
Control an Element
Creating Moon Water
Draw A Dream Crush
Dream Charm Bag
Enchant a laser pen
Fairy Of The Night Spell
Familiar Spell
Feel happy
Find a Lost Item
Fire love spell
Food Chant
Garden Growth Spell
Get anything you want
Get what you Want Spell
Getting a Dog Spell
God of Thunder Love Spell
Good Luck & Wish Potion
Good Luck Spell
Grant Wishes
Happy Home spell
Help Ebb Away Arthirits
Honey Jar
How to Dissapear
How to get Anything you Want
How to get to Paradise
Indigo Wings Spell
KK 10's Spell
Levitate Chant
Love Dream Spell
Love Spell
Lucky Hand Charm Bag
Manipulate the Future
Meet spirit guide
Mermaid for a Day
Mermaid Potion
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell That Maybe Works
Moon Kissed Luck
My Homemade Mermaid Spell
Natural wish spell
Needle wish spell
New Life w/ Friend
New moon mermaid spell 2
Paper Money Spell
Popular Spell
Quickie Love Chant
Ring Wish
Simple Love Spell
Snow Moon Spell
Spell Of The Super Wishers
Spring Money Spell
Starter Pack
Stop him/her from leaving
Summon A Elemental Wolf
Talisman to talk to animals
The Angels Calling
The Walnut of Wishes Spell
To Bring Money
To Encahntment an item
Trading Places
True Love Spell
Turn into a vampire spell
Unleash your Dark Half
Vampire Spell
Vampire spell Realky works
Werewolf Potion. (Simple)
Wish apon a sage leaf
Wish Dream
Wish For Me
Wish Me Well
Wish Potion
Wish Spell
Wish Spell
Wish spell
Wish spell
wish spell (For my friend)
Wish Thoughtform
Wish Upon a Star
Wishes Granted by Archangels
Wishing Spell
Wolf shape shifting
Quartz and Necklace Wings Potion
The Spell of the Shell (Wish Spell)
Traditional Witches Ladder Spell
Very easy wish spell that works.
A Knot Ritual For Making A Wish Come True
A wish spell *tested and works*
Basic manifestation of any desire spell
Give Luck To Others- REALLY WORKS
Very simple questions answered spell
A animal magic spell to call apon the birds
A spell to make wishes come true
Be cursed free from illuminati
Become A Wizard From Wizard of Waverly Place.
Duanes Thurstance Wishing Spell
Having trouble becoming a werewolf?TRY THIS
Lucifer blood summoning spell . black magic extremely dangerous !
Mermaid Spell (read details and indredients)
Personality, Talent, and Look Spell
Retrieve an item from your imagination
Spell to become a mermaid when you touch water
SUPER powerful snow storm spell
To get a spirit animal/gaurdian-FIRST SPELL
Traditional 'Vampire Becoming' Spell
Wish Upon A Leaf Spell For Love.
A Simple Wishing Spell with Incense
Asking blessings from the Greeks
Becoming Mermaid When You Have Contact With Water
Calling out for your love while you sleep
Dream spell (Ward off nightmares)
Fiery Wall of Protection Candle Spell
Get someone to Give you Something
How to get rid of Characters that Fellow
La distruzione Di Tutta La Magia
Remove obstacles from a relationship
Spell to help with faith for spells
The watch to figure out what makes somebody tick
Transform Into a Pokčmon Spell
trun hour self in to alpha werewolf Teen Wolf
Werewolf Spell That really works!
leaf of ash luck spell
luck spell for a friend
wish spell
my three manifestation spells
angel spell
be come a baby
dragon wishing spell
enchanted rock
gender spell
god spell(really really works)
good luck lotion
mermaids song
moon wish spell.
my ture heart wish spell
one true wish spell
rabbit transformation
rest in peace spell
see in the dark (works)
silver coin money spell
spell to become a super saiyan
switching spell ( bad habits)
the power to wish
turn into a creature
very simple luck spell
werewolf spell
wish of the vampire
wish spell
wishing spell
angel spell really works!
birthday wish spell
how to heal
how to orb
love spell
manifestation spell
moon and star summon girl
prayer to lupa
shape shifting spell
the birthday wish
wand spell
wish spell
wolf spell 20
seed of thought manifestation spell
be a mermaid when wet and a human when dry
help a burrito stay sealed and wrapped
powerfull money spell by alchemy12
be able to live a character's life.
manifest a person place or thing
word spell that makes you a mermaid


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