Misfortune Spells

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Spell Index => Luck Spells => Misfortune Spells

These misfortune spells are the exact opposite of the Good Luck Spells. They may be used to give someone a bad day in general, or be used to create bad luck objects.

Anyone carrying one of these bad luck objects will be cursed with bad luck as long the object is with them, and usually for sometime after they get rid of it.

Those who have strong magical powers are able to carry a bad luck object with them and focus the bad luck onto others nearby instead of themselves.

More Free Misfortune Spells

Cartomancy #1
Cursed By Voodoo
Flame of Vengance
Quick Curse
To catch A thief
Hellfire Curse
Acoda's Curse
Animal Spirit Hex
Bad Luck to Enemies
Break up a Couple
Curse of Nightmare
Death Note Spell no.2
Eye Control
Insomnia Spell
Lepis americanus (rabbit)
Maledictus Charm
Missfortune spell/curse
Necromancers Hex
Nose Cripple Curse (Risky)
Prayer to Father Enki
Quiet spell
Revenge Spell
Spell of Harming
To cloud one's thoughts.
Undo a Curse
You messed with a witch
Boiling Curse
Curse of Steel Coffin
Curse your Enemies
Infertlity Spells
Make a Storm
Moons Curse
Pentacle Curse
Quiet Spell
Revenge Spell
Revengence Riddle Spell
Tear someone's mind spell
The perfect revenge spell
Make Your Enemy Feel Your Hatred
Give him a feminine figure *UPDATED*
Seven knobbed candle spell for overcoming enemies
To Change someone Hampster or any thing Else
Tobecim Tobec Ujamim Manjaina Ujalim Tobec Dulacim Dulacim
Cause an annoying neighbor to move away
La distruzione Di Tutta La Magia
My evil eye spell the jettatore
Reverse an accidental/incidental curse or spell
curse for revenge
guive manye
how to hurt or kill someone
revenge spell
vengefull missfortune
silence spell
to avenge a broken heart
old spell of sharp pain in butt
Curse of Destruction
Day of Misfortune
Grimner's Nid Curse
The Cursing Psalm
White Magic Karma
Powerful Revenge spell
Ancient Curse
Anything You Want Spell
Break Up A Couple
Coma Curse
Curse a Bully
Cursing The Hidden Pain
Dodge the teacher spell
Five Pointed Death
Left hand of Shadow
Make a person sick
Mind Attack
Nine Layers of Hell Curse
Powerful Lunar Curse
Punishment curse
Revenge Spell
Send Back Cruel Words
The Lovers Depart Curse
Turn someone to stone
Witch's Lucky Candle Spell
A Witch At The Stake
Bring Pain Inside-Out
Curse of Misery
Curse Spell
Hallucination Spell
Justice Spell
Misfortune Spell
Nightengale contract
Pentagram Curse
Revenge Spell
Revenge Spell
Rid or horror
Tears of Vengance
To Curse A Land Spell
Misfortune Jar Spell For Those Who Have Caused You Pain (Physical or Emotional)
Heal someone and banish another at the same time
To bring misfortune apon one's life
To remove a curse from yourself
Black Magic Spell for Justice/Karma/Revenge
Get something Lost returned back to You
Misfortune Jar Spell For Those Who Have Caused You Pain (Physical or Emotional)
Repent the end of the world is here
cool down lust
ghost spell
lemon curse
torture spell
harm a evil person etc
to avenge a broken heart
break a streak of bad luck spell


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