You've Angered The Wrong Witch

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Something to represent the Person such as A Photo, Their First and Last Name and/or DNA, etc.
  • Matches
  • Outside

You've been Angered or Hurt by someone. Its time they know.

Casting Instructions for 'You've Angered The Wrong Witch'

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Note: This could be classified as Black Magick.
So I recommend you don't cast this spell unless you are sure you want to do it.
It will Punish the person who hurt you by doing to them what they did to you.

Begin by taking the Item of the desired Victim you wish to bind/curse and stare at it, long and hard. Let the hatred, pain and anger you hold escape into the Item.
Once you feel the emotions, tear the Item in half and place it on a stone surface outside and light it on fire with the match.
As the fire burns, repeat the following:

"You've angered the wrong Witch
And now you must pay.
You may call me a bitch
but that's okay.
Now you will fear me
And Karma will come to you.
You've angered the wrong Witch.
What goes around, comes back times two.
Remember...You brought this on yourself."

When the fire is out, Take the ashes and scatter them and clean the area so no one knows what you were doing.

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