summon a succubus(female sexual demon)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • urself
  • ablity to have sex

call a succubus to fulfill ur sexual desires

Casting Instructions for 'summon a succubus(female sexual demon)'

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perferably at night, lay flat on ur back(on a bed or not ur choice) picture how u want the succubus to look when she appears, then picture urself having sex with her once u begin to feel urself reaching an orgasm focus all that energy into a burst of spiritual energy this will not only make u feel it but the succubus u pictured as well, she will most likely appear the following night in the same ur u were in when u called her

warning:once u call a succubus they may not want to leave +they dont normally wear clothes at all, so if u have someone that lives with u and u dont want them to know do not do this spell, also just like humans a succubus can get pregnant, but she may not want to use any form of protection

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