Dark Lust of the Flame

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sweet Grass
  • Bay
  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Salt
  • Red candles (the more the better)
  • Lighter
  • Paper with subjects name on it.

People say that love spells do not work, I disagree. But beware, this is a dark spell, causing the blackest passion and lust to stir inside the intended. Do not use without just reason and desire.

Casting Instructions for 'Dark Lust of the Flame'

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Write the intendeds name on the paper, set aside. draw a ring of salt and if you have a wand follow the circle round casting a protection spell. light the candles around the circle, and sit inside it. braid the bay lavender sage and sweet grass together. You can use string to hold it together. now burn it and say:

By herbs smoke, and my power I banish dark spirits an cast this circle this night and this hour!

You must now set the braid aside and let it smoke beside you Chant:

The darkest lust bound in this world shall converge on what it must will burn ablaze passion unfurled.

By these red candles power, by the magic that is born this hour! I summon the lust that may reside, oh deap down flowing hot inside my target who will now feel the blackest darkest passion, that will soon be real.

Inhale smoke

By the night and by the day by the moons and suns way I summon all those spirits of lust do my bidding you must by the element of fire and of earth Iask thee his desire be unearthed. No on this night and in this hour Icast this spell with my power!

Burn the paper with the name on. Say:

Blessed be, spirits do whatI ask of thee this rite is closed.


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