XXX Strong Lust Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Focus
  • One Red Genital Candle (Penis shaped) ,or a Red Pillar Candle
  • Photo of intended, or small piece of paper with name and b-day
  • Vaginal fluids (yes I said it)
  • Note: 2 Variations to this spell

Lust spell for the LADIES!

Casting Instructions for 'XXX Strong Lust Spell'

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Bless,Cleanse and Consecrate your tools,and sacred space. Masterbate (This is part of the Ritual), and think of you giving him the best sex of their life (this will make the person lust for you) ! Once climax is reached, annoint the red candle with your vaginal fluids. Place the red candle back on the alter on top of the intendeds photo,or paper with the name on it. Concentrate a little more,and imagine intercourse is still going on with that person (meaning imagine their penis still inverted inside you moving in and out). Filled with lust, focus and say:

"Over you I place my touch,
For only me,you'll burn with lust!
Through day and night,you'll fantasize,
Of lying in between my thighs!
Dreaming of kissing me up and down,
Your penis will harden and stand profound!
Throbbing,yearning your body will ache,
You'll quiver hard and terribly shake!
Craving my vagina,and juicy mouth,
You'll fein to stick it in and out!
Panting and lusting fierously,
You'll come running now to me!"

Let the candle burn completely down over the photo or paper with name on it. Once completly melted down,and burned out, gather the wax mold and place under your beds mattress.

2nd Variation: If you can't get a hold of a photo,and don't really want to use can inscribe the name of the intended on the candle, and after saying the incantation,just let the candle burn itself down.

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