summon a love spirit

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 24 grams of tree moss
  • sexual fluid (precum, semem, etc)
  • 1 small fern
  • 1 metal bowl
  • 1 large towel (red if possible)
  • chalk
  • 2 images of 2 seperate people who turn you on (make on less than the other)
  • 1 piece of paper
  • 1 pen (red if possible)
  • a flamable liquid.
  • a lighter & a strip of paper
  • A pair of underwear/bra you dont mind loosing
  • sex noises

This spell will make a spirit of sexual pleasure and love assist you in life.
(male and female)

Casting Instructions for 'summon a love spirit'

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This spell will summon a spirit of sexual pleasure and love guide you through your life, it will quietly give you advice in order to achieve sex. It works for males and Females

This spell is able to be done anywhen, but it is most powerful at midday, and MUST be performed on holy ground (a chuch ETC) but be warned, as it requires nudity.

for both: lay out the towel flat on the ground, then draw a pentagram facing south west on the towel with the chalk, place the less attractive picture in the center of the pentagram, then place the bowel on top of the picture, then place the more attractive picture in the bowel, cover the picture with moss, then place the fern on the moss, then take your clothes off and put the underwear/bra in the bowl then with the paper:

(girls): write "Oh spirit of sexual pleasure and love I ask thee to help me, I ask thee to guide me so I may feel the gift of sex I ask thee to guide me to feel a man inside of me." then sign your name.

(Boys): Write "Dear spirit of sex and love, I ask you to guide and help me so I may feel a woman's passion, and that I may know sex" and sign your name

(both): then pour the lighter fluid in the bowl, play the sex noises, and get yourself aroused, when you are finally aroused

(Girl): roll the paper up, and insert it into your vagina, if you feel the need to orgasm, do, it makes the spirits more eager to come, but do not masturbate with it. then light the strip of paper, and throw it into the bowl, once it has caught fire, remove the note from your vagina, then put it in the flames.

(boy): wrap the note around your penis (words facing in) and then, hold it there, then light the strip of paper and throw it into the bowl, once it has caught fire, remove the note from your penis, then put it in the flames.

(both): now for the boys, you must ejaculate into the flames directly within 66 seconds of it igniting, for girls, you must pour any form of sexual fluids into it within thirty seconds of it starting to burn. then it is done, enjoy the sex!

(this spell will only work if you are willing to have sex, and are willing to listen to the spirit! If you do this wrong it could cause a different type of spirit to appear, so dont change it)


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