self love (yes, that kind)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • All optional:
  • Candles or romantic lighting
  • Music, whatever you consider romantic, sexy or inspirational, depending on your intent
  • Sexy, but comfortable sleepwear
  • Anything else you like, but you must be alone, and you must use your hand/s

Multi-purpose spell, use whenever you feel depressed about yourself or your love life (or lack thereof) or just need a confidence boost. Also helps some people sleep better when done before bedtime. Most people don't consider masterbation magical, but it can be.

Casting Instructions for 'self love (yes, that kind)'

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Basically imagine if you were about to have the most romantic/erotic night of your life and set up your bedroom for it. That can include anything you want, whatever puts you in a relaxed and happy mood. Then all you do is masterbate, but take your time and really love yourself. Create a whole fantasy if you want, tease yourself until you can't stand it anymore. The motion of your hand is how you're raising power, so the energy will come from there, green (for healing) if you're feeling depressed, unloved or otherwise damaged, white (for purity) if you're feeling jealous or angry, pink or red (for love) if you just want to love yourself a little more. When you orgasm, feel and see the light/energy radiate through your body. You'll feel better instantly. The effects are temporary though. The best time to do this is on a Friday, night for women, noon or afternoon for men, but it'll work no matter when you do it.
If you are dealing with a major issue like depression, you should talk to your doctor. This is meant as a mood booster, not a cure.


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