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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A necklace(with hearts, anything really as long it reminds you of them or something you like)
  • Visualizing
  • A lot of concentration

This is a spell to see if the person you like has you on your mind~

Casting Instructions for 'Think of me'

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1) So, grab your necklace and hold it up in front of you so you can clearly see the necklace

2) If your arm gets tired or is shaking a lot you can rest it on a flat surface or a bed or something to keep your arm still and upright

3) Visualize the person you like and look at all the things you like about them

4) Then say;

Think of me, think of me more. Please think of me. (Persons Name) you are always on my mind, so this is my wish so mote be!
(You can say this as much as you would like or comfortable with)

5) If the neacklace is barely moving you are either surfacing their mind or they are busy doing some other activities or maybe your just not on their mind at that moment. But, if the necklace is moving quite a bit you are on that persons mind, I have had some cases were people have told me that the necklace was so out of control that it was about to fall out of their hand. Don't be discouraged if your necklace did not move. Just keep trying.

Good luck~

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