Love, protection, and beauty potion

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A few leaves of basil and mint
  • A small glass container
  • A teaspoon of salt
  • Ground root of ginseng
  • Foxglove (flower)
  • Dragon's blood (flower, leaves)
  • Blueberry (leaves)
  • Apricot (leaves)
  • Papaya (leaves)
  • Primrose (flower)
  • Raspberry (berry, leaves)
  • Rosemary (leaves)
  • Snapdragon (flower)
  • Vervain ( leaves, flower)
  • Wintergreen (leaves)
  • Witch Hazel (leaves)
  • A symbol of love or beauty, and or of protection, like a necklace.

It used to attract a soul mate, used in the most dire situations for protection, and a potion to keep you full of beauty. It makes you irresistible to any of the opposite sex.

Casting Instructions for 'Love, protection, and beauty potion'

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This spell takes months or at least a year to complete, so be patient, you'll like the outcome.
Say this spell before you start; "The goddesses and gods of herbs, nature, beauty, and perfect love, i want this (place symbol you want the spell to have) to contain the power of irresistible love, protection of even the most dire situations and beauty, bless this symbol with your powers."
First, take the container and fill it with water, rain water or alt water would be the best but tap is fine. Fill it up, not all the way to the top but about 3/4 of it.
Next, take a few leaves of fresh basil and mint and crush them up in your hands and place them into the container.
Next, seal up the container, and store it where you can find it. Let this sit for a couple days or a couple weeks.
Remove the lid, put a teaspoon of salt into the water, and place the contents in a strainer with a larger glass container under it, put the water that you collected in the container you had first, put the basil and mint into a separate container and store a dry place.
Leave those their for about three weeks.
After that time had passed, open up the container and put the ginseng, blueberry and apricot leaves into a tea bag and add a pinch of salt to the bag and put that into the container. Steep this in for about five days.
Remove the bag and add the basil back. Leave this in for a week.
Remove the basil and mint, and add the papaya in a teabag with salt. Let this steep in for five weeks. Place the foxglove and dragon's blood around and on top of the container. Leave for five weeks.
Remove the papaya and add the basil and mint. Remove the foxglove and dragon's blood. Let this sit for a couple days.
Remove the basil and mint, and add in the raspberry and the rosemary in a teabag. Steep for a week or two, and add the primrose and the snapdragon on the top.
Take out the contents and add the vervain and the wintergreen in a teabag and place the witch hazel on top. Let it steep in for two weeks.
Remove and add the basil with a hand full of salt. Let this sit for a week.
Then remove.
Add the symbol in the container with foxglove, witch hazel, and snapdragon on top and around. Steep in for about a few months. Repeat the spell.
Take out and enjoy, as long as you have it on you will have full beauty, irresistible to the opposite sex, and dire protection.
Repeat every few years.


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