Powerful Blood Love Spell

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My first ever self created spell is finally on S.O.M
Surely works if belief is there.

Casting Instructions for 'Powerful Blood Love Spell'

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Hello Everyone
Its me Sunny,the fluffy guy
i know i walked on the wrong path and was criticized for some unusual forum postings. Also i was criticized for posting other's matter,
But this time i have brought my self created love spell.It surely works if done properly with full belief.Believe me its unbelievably powerful.You will fall in love with it.
are you willing to spill a little blood? It's stronger than a binding spellonly you I or an emotional break can destroy it.Supplieschalk blade or knife of any kind white candles(enough to surround you)draw an eight pointed star of lines on the floor of where ever you're going to do thisSurround the candles around you. very circularSlice something easy to drop blood on each flame (please no major arteries this spell won't bring you back to life)run the blood into each flamecry your eyes out not kidding the spirits need to know you need attentionIt time for your chant''I have a love inside my mind.Expression for him/her I cannot find.Let it alter and work by my design.Spirits surround me and feed on my fire.Deliver to me my one true desire.'' Say it again and again until you believe it.You need to blow out the candles and sit in the dark and cry.This is the price it's going to take to let you have complete control over your spell.Thisis my magic and my strength (love spell).Even if the spirits try to spookyou in the dark you can or cant show fear.Doesn't matter the spell is done.But please cry in that dark room until you feel you have cried enough and have stopped bleeding(might wanna bring a towel outside of your candles)After the candles are blown out you can leave the flame circle.The crying is important.Lets them know you are urning


This article was contributed by sunny.joshi

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