Love potion

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A half a cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon of perfume
  • 1 small clump of sugar
  • rose oil
  • a grounded up peice of choclate
  • 1 bowl
  • 2 small red candles
  • 1 spray bottle
  • a single white rose
  • 1 red rose petal
  • a spoon
  • a strand of hair
  • true love for your crush
  • a lighter

This potion causes the one you love to love you back Ive tried and it works

Casting Instructions for 'Love potion'

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first go to a window, now put in the water( the window has to be open and this has to be at night) then add a teaspoon of perfume,( any kind). Now add a bit of sugar, then the grounded up choclate( l prefer hersheys plain dark choclate. DARK CHOCLATE ONLY!) Place the bowl on the window seal, and open the blinds next to the bowl place the candles(on each side) Dress them both in rose oil also, add a single drop of the oil into the bowl. Scater the white roses petals around the bowl and the candles. Put the one red petal in front of the bowl. Now light the candles and add your srand of hair in the bowl . As you do the lighting and stuff chant: gods and godesss above make ( crushes name here) fall in love. With the beautiful thing that is me, SO MOTE IT BE! Let the candles sit for 10 minutes, then blow them out. Go to sleep right after, dream about you and your crush holding hands and getting closer(Let the bowl sit don't forget to stir it!) When you wake up the next morning, pour the contents of the bowl into the spray bottle. Shake well, and spray the potion on you. Only your crush will fall in love with you when he smells it. It takes about a day or 2 to work. Good Luck!


This article was contributed by Shadow2942

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