The power of money!!!

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 3 green candles with money oil
  • Money incense or any other incense that involves money magick
  • A pentagram
  • A nice quiet place
  • Patients and clear mind
  • A wand ( knowledge on how to use it)

This spell is a very powerful money spell this spell will get you money either someone gives you money or you find money.

Casting Instructions for 'The power of money!!!'

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   =>The power of money
1) cast a cycle with your wand
2) light the candles
3) light chosen incense
4) chant at least 13 times its better if it is said more then that:
"prosperity green, prosperity green
I opean my hand now come to me,
Hear my plea prosperity green,
So mote it be." Also while chanting wave your wand around the candles and incense remember to do this it transfer
5) meditate imagine a green light transferring to you body feel it in you body to the candle think about the look of a dollar bill.
6) meditate for at least ten minutes or anytime you need. I would purfer to meditate for 30 minutes but as long as you don't meditate under ten minutes
7) put candles and incense on alter and let it sit for an hour or hour in a half its up to you
8) after that time and the incense burnt out by itself.
9) your done remember if you are a beginner it's a possibility it won't work the first time but try again it will work. But my first time the spell worked so you probably have nothing to worry about. Good luck and bless it be


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