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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Green candle
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Bread
  • Taurus sign (optional)
  • Idea of how much you want
  • Friday or Wednesday

I have tried and with focus, you can get it right. Here's a REAL money spell, by a REAL witch. Enjoy!

Casting Instructions for 'Money Spell'

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On a Wednesday or Friday, cast a circle as usual and throw some salt and drops of water in the 4 corners of your area. Light a green candle, and draw a Taurus sign () on the candle,your fforehead, hand, or on a piece of paper. If u do it on paper, put the candle on te paper. Take a bite of your bread. (Toasted or regular ) then visualize about your wish coming true. After that stare at the candle and imagine you holding your ideal amount of money. Chant while imaging, ''(ideal income )''. State loudly What ur asking for. Take another bite of bread, and say, ''God's and Goddess, I ask for my prayers to be answered. (Ideal amount) is What I want. Grant my wish so mote it be! '' Eat the rest of the bread, blow out the candle, and imagine ur money coming to u the way u want. (Receiving from someone, losing a tooth and finding ur money under your pillow, finding it on the ground, etc. ) Clean up and wash your hands or take a drink of water. But when u sweep the salt, sweep it east to west. (Right to left).

Pm me if u have questions. Bye!


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