Jar Of Forgetfulness

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -small jar
  • -piece of paper
  • -black ink pen
  • -river
  • -soil
  • -late evening

this spell will aid you in forgetting about someone or something.

Casting Instructions for 'Jar Of Forgetfulness'

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find an area in the late evening at your chosen river that is secluded (if possible) and make sure that the water is very deep. take your piece of paper and write the name of the person or thing you want to forget about with black ink. once written, draw an "X" through what you wrote and then fold up the paper and place it in the jar. fill up the entire jar with soil and then seal it very tightly. lift the jar up to your forehead, press it against it, and then chant the following:

"the water is deep and this soil has met the desired thing that i wish to forget. let no thought of it return back to me once it's cast in this stream, so mote it be.."

close your eyes and lift the jar over and behind your head and cast it into the river. *you only want to hear the sound of the jar do not want to see where it lands*

(then go about your day)

blessed be )O(

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