Knowledge Tea

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • ~2 bowls
  • ~Boiled water
  • ~Tea mug
  • ~Liquid measuring cup
  • ~Strainer
  • ~Calculator (if needed)
  • ~(Brand: Jing)(USE 1 TEA BAG)Chamomile tea leaves, taken out of it's teabag (for relaxation)
  • ~(USE 1 TEA BAG) Sage tea leaves, taken out of the bag (for wisdom)
  • ~Honey (if wanted)

By making this tea, it can help you become more smart (to tell me if it helps, mail me something). Drink this while studying to help. :)

Casting Instructions for 'Knowledge Tea'

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1. Take the leaves out of each bag and put them into 2 SEPERATE bowls.

2. After boiling the water, put half of the water into each bowl (be careful)

3. Wait for the tea leaves in both bowls to steep (and cool down a little so the measuring cup doesn't shatter in step 4), pour the bowls into a strainer over that original bowl (so you don't get the leaves in your tea while you drink it), and pour one of the bowls of tea (it doesn't matter which) into the mug up to where ever you think is enough tea.

4. Using the measuring cup, measure the amount of tea that you poured into the mug. After measuring it, divide that number by two and then measure that amount for each bowl of steeped tea. Put them both into the mug and mix. (If the tea cooled down too much, re-heat it in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds)

5. Use the honey if you want to sweeten it, and drink it while studying.

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